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Circle Selling Techniques and a Free eBook!

Ok…you’re probably thinking yeah right Christine, what’s this circle selling business all about. Alright.. I’ll admit, I can be a little nutty…BUT I’m harmless, and all I ask is for you to be opened minded! Deal?  I’ll go in more detail about the exercise in the handout below.

I’ll just say it and I hope you think about this too….I often wondered how many miss opportunities where right underneath my nose and I never saw them! Come on…you’ve wondered the same thing haven’t you?

Just the other day I was at my favorite coffee shop (Sorry Starbucks…it’s not you.) meeting a prospect. I overheard two people talking in the booth behind me. I’m taking a wild guess here but I think it was a rookie sales rep being scolded by his boss. He told the kid that he didn’t prospect hard enough because he only brought back 12 business cards! I wanted to shout over my shoulder…

Hey..I’ll take those! 

But I didn’t…(because my prospect just arrived). As she sat down…I leaned in and asked softly…’if one of your sales reps came to you with 12 potential prospects business cards…how would that make you feel?’ I knew her answer as she said it….”I’d be overjoyed for both of us!” I filled her in on the story happening in the booth behind us.

Now clearly I don’t know the full story but this rookie sales rep has potential for circle selling skills if he got 12 business card! When was the last time you did that not counting a networking meeting?

So, Christine, Enough Already, What exactly is Circle Selling?

Before you think Circle Selling is another cold calling gimmick…let me calm your nerves…it is not. Circle Selling IS thinking beyond prospecting, connecting the dots and seeing business opportunities.

Today, I want to share with you a concept of seeing opportunities all around you…connecting the dots…connecting businesses and making sales happen by just being observant, resourceful and looking beyond your nose.

Instead of climbing out of the box, look beyond your nose in all directions for opportunities.”


Now…you’re probably anxious to get going on the exercise.  Just complete the contact form below and you’ll be able to download the pdf.

This is Important: When you’ve completed the Circle Selling exercise, please come back and share your thoughts and ideas. Do you use circle selling? If so, please share your success tips in the comment section.  

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Thank you, as always, for reading, watching and sharing so freely your thoughts and ideas. I truly enjoy scouting out subjects that might help you in the world of selling and life.

Wishing you a fascinating and successful day! Remember….

Sales is a journey not a quick trip around the block!

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PS. Fill out the form below to receive the Circle Selling PDF and start learning how to Circle Sell!

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