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Sales Intelligence Habits Week 3



Small Step: Clear the Clutter

Your brain searches for a way to organize. It actually likes organization. Did you know that just seeing clutter and a disorganized desk or email inbox can cause enough distraction to your brain that it powers down memory capacity?


Just take this simple visual test. Which desk gives you a feeling of calm A or B?


My guess is A of course! At the end of the day, leave your workspace looking like example A so when arriving the next day your brain doesn't scream "YIKES!" if your desk looks like example B.

Researchers have find that eliminating clutter from your office and home, enables the brain to better focus and process information which in turn increases productivity.

Clutter also impacts your physical state. It causes feeling of anxiousness, stress, and even depression. Chronic clutter can cause a low-grade flight or fight response which over time can cause serious problems with both mental and physical health.

Where to Start

If your office and home looks like a tornado hit it, start small. Make a daily habit to spend 15-30 minutes a day to start tossing, saving then organizing one area at a time.

  1. Clear off your desk immediately. Place everything in a decorative bin. Only have the essentials on your desk. Computer, phone, notebook and pen.
  2. Have a "catch it space". This is for any incoming mail, files, etc. Place it in an area like your credenza or book shelf. Avoid putting it on your desk.
  3. Place 2 document trays on your desk. New Document tray for all incoming documents you need to look at. (You can do the same thing on your desktop too.) Old Document tray for documents you're working on.
  4. Create 2 Zones in your work space. Zone 1 Computer work which is your desktop or laptop situated on your workdesk. Zone 2 Non-computer work. Documents you need to scan, or papers that require signature, etc. Zone 2 will be in an area away from Zone 1 and not on your desk.
  5. Place all non-essential items out of site. Such as if your not using your phone's power cord, put it away. You don't need 5 pens on your desk just 1. Purse, sunglasses, coffee mugs not being used, post a notes, etc out of site and tucked into desk drawers. Avoid putting the cute little stapler, and tape dispenser on your desk.
  6. Get a bigger trash can. That's will motivate you to toss things you don't need!

Don't wait to create an organized office. Do it now! And remember, to keep it organized, put it away after using it. Simple but not always easy!

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Remember this...Consistency of each small step you take every day will change your life!


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