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Is your sales life in chaos? Do you hit the snooze button 3 or 4 times before you finally get out of bed? If you said YES to these questions, you're suffering from being overwhelmed.

The number one complaint I hear from salespeople is


For many years I worked in the role of account executive. I get how stressful and chaotic an AE job can be. Endless emails every single day. Voice messages that have to be returned with problems and issues that need to be resolved NOW. As if that’s not enough in an eight hour day you’re expected to sell and meet your sales goals too. And piled on top of all that you’re expected to have face-to-face meetings every single day with prospects. And many of you are road warriors traveling all day to meet with prospects!  How in the world can you handle this massive workload?

If your day is out of control and you wake up each morning dreading the day..I get it.

I felt the same way. I came upon this system after years of frustration trying to manage an impossible workload. As a matter of fact, I spun into a deep depression because I felt buried alive. I asked myself..I’m intelligent why am I struggling so much? And I started playing the comparison game. And that game ends badly!

You see most of my sales career I was a single mother, raising my son alone. So I not only struggled with an impossible workload but I was coming home to an impossible household. Those of you that are single parents you know what I mean. There was no one waiting for me when I came home from a long day of work with dinner on the table all the laundry done and the house cleaned. There was no one to help my son with his schoolwork. There was no one to do the yard work. No one to help with the finances. I felt overwhelmed from the moment I got up in the morning until I went to bed at night in every area of my life.

It was time to take a hard look at myself. I needed to stop the chaos. Because it was chaos that held me back. I had to make changes.

The Sales Intelligence System is about stopping the chaos and helping you get a grip so you can sell more. Yes, there is a way to simplify your workday so you can accomplish more with less stress and feel successful at the end of each day.

Here’s the bonus…you can apply the same steps in all areas of your life.

Let’s face it….Most salespeople have a sales process and know how to sell but what gets in their way is trying to deal with the mountains of emails, putting out fires and solving problems. That’s where most salespeople get hung up. That’s where I was hung up.

I knew I needed to take control. So I began studying the habits of successful people. And I developed a system of habits that turned into routines that I do every single day.  You see routines psychologically give you control. We all need control over our lives in order to succeed. The most successful people in life admit their habits and routines keep them on track. So I developed the Sales Intelligence System.

The Sales Intelligence System will help you establish positive habits that turn into successful routines to create peace in your sales life. You’ll find more peace, less stress and you’ll actually enjoy your work again, PLUS...sell more! 

If you're like most people, you don’t want to hear about establishing habits and routines. Yeah, it sounds boring, doesn’t it? But what we’re doing is taking small steps every single day. I’m not asking you to completely change your life. I’m not going to ask you to pile on more lists, more to do items or anything like that. All I’m asking you to do is take one small step every single day over the next 30 days. Can you commit to just one small step? That’s all I’m asking.

So let's get started!

Step one: Join our email newsletter Sales Pearl (see below)

Step two: Begin your Sales Intelligence Habits by clicking here for Day One.

Step three: Remember to take Sales Intelligence Small Steps each day.

Step four: Build your Sales Intelligence Journal

Step five: Get Connected!

Remember this...Consistency of each small step you take every day will change your life!


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