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Psychologist Sheldon Kopp says,

“All of the significant battles are waged within the self.”

This is true in sales as well. The greatest battle that sales professionals face is not more qualified leads, more sales, more sales activities but the greatest battle is within your own mind. In other words, the battle is within YOU. Only you set your limitations.

The late great Zig Ziglar puts it this way..

”You cannot become what you need to be by remaining what you are.”

Here’s an example. The holiday season is coming up and already I hear many salespeople emphatically opine that the “slow season” is upon them. Unaware, they have set the stage for poor 4th quarter sales results. And they will get exactly what they predict.

Their declarative statement sends a signal to their subconscious about what to expect. The subconscious will deliver behavior to match their lackluster expectation.

When the end of December suddenly arrives, they’ll shake their hanging head and wonder what went wrong.

I see this happening over and over in my coaching practice. Salespeople completely unaware how their self-talk effective their subconscious.

Why is it that little credit is given to the self-talk concept?

For the most part, many people do not understand or believe in the mind/body connection. Many people operate on auto-pilot and go through their day being driven by automatic habits.

For example, as a salesperson, you know follow-up is essential to move the sale through the pipeline. Yet how often do you give this vital sales activity the importance it deserves? Do you strategically plan and execute follow-up? Or do you make follow-up calls on the fly in between sales calls? Do you plan out a script for the voice message or just stumble through a message?

When you wing it or make follow up phone calls on the fly, your in autopilot, not really thinking through the ramifications of your automatic habit.

Do You have Sales Intelligence?

This is different from Emotional Intelligence. SI, (sales intelligence) as I will refer to it going forward is specific for the sales industry. It’s sales awareness that’s heightened by self-awareness. The science of mindset, plus sales education is Sales Intelligence. Only being trained in one without the other creates an incomplete salesperson. SI is vital whether you’re in a sales leadership role or a sales rookie.

In all my years coaching salespeople, I’ve always said it takes more than learning a sales process. The sales process is just one part of the sales puzzle. To be successful in sales, the salesperson must be dedicated to not only professional development but also personal development with the emphasis on mindset training. This is the key to developing SI. Salespeople and Sales Leaders who are dedicated to SI development will stand out from the rest of the team.

You know the person. He or she exudes confidence but isn’t driven by an ego. This person is consistently a top producer; Methodically works their sales plan each and every day, never wasting a minute or your minute!

At the same time, a person with SI contributes to the team and will step up to lead when appropriate.

The SI Salesperson Knows the Best Way to Communicate

Are you aware when talking to a prospect if you’re conversing too fast or too slow? Do you match the pace of the prospect? Can you determine the temperament of the prospect in order to know how to best communicate with him or her?

An SI salesperson studies the prospect and analyzes the best way to connect and the best way to make a difference in the prospects life and business.

SI Salesperson Embrace Learning

“If you are not willing to learn, NO ONE can help you. If you are determined to learn, NO ONE can stop you.” –Zig Ziglar

Zig exuded SI and lived by it.

Sadly many salespeople and sales managers I talk to believe that they know all they need to know to be successful.  This type of mindset is harmful to creativity because information is THE creativity of closing sales.

Many believe that AI is the revolutionary answer to lead generation and sales creations. Thus, eliminating, with relief, their involvement of generating their own leads. However, AI’s are machines and they have a master. The AI’s are only as good as their human masters. AI’s cannot think out of the box, because the machines are defined by the providers..the masters.

Where YOU are only held back by your self-limiting beliefs. SI elevate your sales awareness beyond self-imposed limiting beliefs and confines. Once you fully understand how powerful SI can be, you’ll want to develop your own leads and no longer depend on AI generation. 

Bottom line…in sales, YOU are the creative force. You are the paramount center in closing sales. Sales Intelligence exalts your human mind as a paramount force in your sales world.

The human mind creates AI. The SI sales mind creates sales. SI reestablishes the heart of the sales mind as the sales system. AI is only the process.

SI Mindset

People always want guarantees but guarantees prohibit learning. Guarantees stifle growth. When you can learn to live in uncertainty, then freedom is truly yours. SI thrives in uncertainty because the future is unpredictable which is why being open to learning is crucial. The growth of knowledge is what differentiates the 21st century vs. the stone age.

Salespeople that develop SI admire the top successful salesperson on the team and then emulates what they do. In contrast, salespeople who lack SI and feel they know all there is to know, resent the success of the top salesperson on the team and criticizes their continued success.

You know the salesperson..the one that always complains about the lousy leads because this person believes the best leads are given to the top performers. In every team, there seems to be the chronic complainer. Have you noticed, they’re also the least successful? Coincidence?

Now..this article just scratches the surface of Sales Intelligence. Stay tuned next week for more!

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