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Learn How to Teach an Old Dog New Tricks.

You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks. Learn How

You’ve probably figured out by now, I’m naturally curious. You can say I have a passion to learn.

I’m curious about most everything…because the most curious experience in life is learning.

The most unfortunate time is when a person believes he’s learned enough.

Charlie “Tremendous” Jones said

We never stop growing until we stop learning and people who are learning this simple truth will grow old but never get old.

To be a leader, you must learn to live. You must be a real student of living..IF you are to lead dynamically.

Every day of your sales life, you are leading.

Do customers ask your opinion? If so- you’re leading.

Do loyal customers refer their friends, colleagues, and associates to you? If so, you’re a trusted advisor – a leader.

Learning to live so you can lead begins with developing a growth mindset – an inner vision. Do you have one?

First Step- Learn

  • Start by saying something positive to everyone you meet today. It could be as simple as a hello expressed with a genuine smile.
  • You are your own running commercial of your brand, product, and company. What does your image say about you?
  • Learn to see the positive in everything that happens.
  • Learn to see living as big and keep living simply.
  • Be curious and wide eyed about learning something new.

In every situation, you’re leading. Whether it’s unconscious or deliberate, you’re always selling. Either through your actions or through your values, you’re selling ideas to the boss, coworkers, prospects, customers, family members, and children.

The problem is you may not always realize what you’re doing or why. (those pesky automatic habits again)

But everyone wants to do more than just exist-people want to contribute, have a sense of importance and make a difference.

Isn’t that why you’re in sales?

As I said in the beginning…

The most unfortunate time is when a person believes he’s learned enough. And the people who believe they’ve learned enough, are not reading this article.

But I want to congratulate you because you are reading this article! You are interested in expanding and growing.

According to (source)

One in four Americans surveyed in a new poll said that they didn’t read a single book within the last 12 months

And according to, CEO’s are voracious readers.

Executives read 4–5 books per month, far outpacing the general population. As for what they’re reading, it’s not all motivational or business-themed: many top CEOs also reported reading novels, plays, and philosophy. Check out what some specific big names are consuming with this info-graphic. (Source)

I highly suggest you check out the Info-Graphic link. It’s interesting to see what CEO’s are reading.

I’m often asked, how is it I know so many aspects of selling and human behavior.

To be asked that question is more a humbling moment than an ego one. I don’t know it all and I’m certain I never will!

And there in lies the beauty – the opportunity to always be learning something new!

Yes, this old dog can learn new tricks. How about you?

It’s really very simple. I read every day. And I learn from others by attending seminars, workshops, and conventions. My personal goal is to read a book a month that will develop some aspect of me or my business. Every year, I work towards different certification programs to enhance my coaching expertise.

But there’s a warning to learning. And that is – to quote Tony Robbins..

Knowledge is not power. Knowledge is only potential power. Action is power.

Second Step – You must put what you learn into action.

  • What are 3 actions step you can take this week that will propel you into learning to live largely?
  • What 2 resources can you discover to help you achieve the above 3 action steps. Example: Morning ritual (source), hiring a coach (source)

Just like in sales, learning a sales process will not make you wildly successful. You need to put what you learn into action and continue to grow, learn and expand.

Here’s a question I ask the audience at my workshops.

Do you have 10+ years of sales experience or 1 year of sales experience repeated 10+ times?  

I’m going to leave you with that thought to ponder.

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