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Your Sales Lifestyle. Read Why You Should Design One

Your Sales Lifestyle. Read Why You Should Design One

I’ll bet you missed it this morning.

I’ll bet it never crossed your mind.

Instead, this morning while pouring coffee, I’ll bet the ping of a notification bell caught your attention. The familiar small sound caused you to react in a big way sucking a few minutes out of your busy life by enticing you with a simple “ping”.


There it goes again. And there you go again, scrambling to reach for the smartphone. How long does the sound keep you reacting like Pavlov’s dogs?

Fascinating how much power and meaning we give to such a small simple “ping”. Every time ‘ping’ speaks, a few more minutes are lost. Is this your sales lifestyle? How about taking back control of your precious time and mute ‘ping’ for 20 minutes.

Instead, redirect your attention to a practice that can have greater impact to the success of your day. This is a sales lifestyle design that will have actual impact that you control, instead of being controlled by “ping”. 

What you missed this morning was the opportunity to sit down with paper and pen and design your day by asking YOU important questions.

Tim Ferris talks quite a bit about his morning journal. (You can read it here). I’ll admit, he talks about the therapeutic benefits in more flowery language than me.

Every morning Tim has a ritual when he first wakes up.

  1. Makes Bed
  2. Meditates (10-20 minutes)
  3. 5-10 reps of some type of exercise
  4. Prepares tea (he calls it titanium tea!) 
  5. Morning journal (5-10 minutes) 

Tim’s questions are:

  • 3 things I’m grateful for
  • What would make today great?
  • Daily affirmations…I am…

At night, Tim also deconstructs his day by asking himself

  • 3 amazing things that happened today
  • How could I have made today better? 

You may have different questions than Tim. You may have different questions than me. I’m suggesting you do it to design your sales day for a little more than what ‘ping’ can give you. It is an important sales lifestyle change. 

This is a practice I started a few years back, because….. I hate to admit…’ping’ was taking too much of my time. I came across Tim’s blog. So I added the morning journal discipline to my morning routine. The amazing consequence was structuring my day around the questions I asked created more success. 

In sales, you prepare by formulating a list of compelling questions in order to discover the prospects problems. Questions help you stay in control of the sales conversation too. It’s the same concept for your morning practice. In order to discover problems and stay in control of your day, prepare by asking your SELF compelling questions.

A sales lifestyle design will cause you to think deeper about what really needs to be accomplished for the day.

  • What’s the most important question I can ask myself today? (Don’t confuse the answer with the one thing that creates the most noise that may need attention. Usually the noisiest thing is the least important!)
  • How can I design my day for the highest impact?
  • Where should I direct my focus for a top client today?
  • Who is the most important prospect I must close today?

I don’t know what your important questions are, but these are mine this morning.

Tomorrow morning, don’t miss it again. Mute ‘ping’ and instead sit down and design your day through asking important questions. Redirect your thoughts to matters that will move you closer to your goals, and away from matters that drain your precious time. Think about your sales lifestyle and how you can effectively design yours. 

If your willing to challenge yourself to a sales lifestyle design, will you just twinkle your fingers across the keyboard and comment below. I’d love to know! 

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