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Homeless to Famous. How to Live the Dream. You Can Too!

Would you live homeless for 3 years to pursue your dream? That’s what Steve did. He lived in his car for 3 long years.

Steve was in his late 20’s when he left his job as an insurance agent to pursue his dream of being on television. No, he didn’t have a bank full of cash. With less than a $100 to his name and an old car, Steve started living his dream of being a comedian. Driving from comedy club to comedy club only making maybe $35-$50 a gig, Steve kept going and kept dreaming.

Steve joked that the best thing a homeless guy could own is a cooler. No one realized that Steve was talking about himself. In his cooler, he kept ice, bologna, bread, and mustard. That’s all Steve could afford to eat.

Most of the money he made went to gas to get him to the next gig. He’d park by lakes, or off country roads to sleep for the night. Twice a day Steve would find a pay phone and check his messages on an answering machine placed in his mom’s attic.

Down to his last bit of money, and 3 long years later, Steve was contemplating whether to call his dad and ask if he could move back and live in the attic. He didn’t know if he could keep going.

Before making that call to his dad, Steve checked his answering machine. Here’s what he heard…

“This is Chuck Sutton from Showtime at the Apollo. I just saw a tape on you and it was hysterical. We have an opening for Sunday night on the late show. If you can be here, call me back and I’ll hold the spot for you.”

Two days later Steve Harvey’s life changed. His dream had finally arrived and his career soared.

Would you take this kind of leap of faith? Would you do whatever it takes to make your dream come true?

Don’t say you’re too old. I started my dream at age 59. And I had plenty of excuses on why I couldn’t live my dream until then. When I ran out of excuses, I had to face the truth. It was now or never. And yes, I was scared. Scared to death.

Most people use their excuses to feel better about not achieving. Admitting the truth is too stark of a reality.

How about you?

How to Live the Dream

I laughed when I read in Steve Harvey’s book “Jump”


There are No Straight Lines in Nature. It never occurred to me that Nature is sort of a messy looking beauty. In your own life, reaching your goals never happened in a straight line. It too was a messy looking beauty!

Get Real

That’s why you need to accept the failures not fear the failures. You’ve got to rescue yourself and stopped leaning on other people, family members, friends, or co-workers to rescue you. Rescuing yourself will restore your self-worth and self-respect.

Stop with the stories. Don’t give yourself a backdoor. Develop the mental toughness to be self-reliant. Rescue yourself. Eliminate the need for others to pump you up. Learn to motivate and inspire yourself. When you’re always running on empty you have nothing to give to your career, family, and friends. This is when you cave to weakness and expect everyone else to give to you and pull you out of the mire YOU created.

Tough talk, I know. But you’ve got to talk tough to yourself if you’re wallowing in self-pity. Stop wishing life was better, or that you were younger. Stop wishing for a better boss, better spouse, better job.

AND Never mistake a wish for certainty. A wish is nothing without action. So stop wishing and start doing!

Mindset Key

To stop the stories, it begins with replacing the old thoughts (your stories and excuses) with new thoughts aligned with matching higher emotions.

Thoughts of guilt, shame, fear, anxiety are familiar to you because you associate the events that match those emotions.

Here’s an example….do you remember where you were on 9/11? I haven’t met one person yet, who doesn’t remember exactly where they were on 9/11.

Why? Because it’s the emotion surrounding an event that creates a memory.

Here’s a caution:

Emotions that are derived from the hormones of stress, keep your body out of balance. And of course, if your body is out of balance long enough due to stress hormones, disease slips into your body.

This is why you need to control your emotional reactions. The same familiar emotional reactions repeated leads to a mood. The repeated mood over years leads to a temperament. The same repeated temperament over years leads to a personality trait. And then you believe this is who you are!

Here’s an example:

Have you ever heard someone say..”This is who I am. I can’t change.”

Or  “He’s set in his ways.”

In these examples, nothing new is happening in their lives so they stay stuck living in the past.

Is that you? If it is you CAN change by working on your inner world instead of focusing on the outer world to solve your problems.

Ask yourself these bigger questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What do I need to change to become a better expression of myself?
  • Who in history do I admire and want to emulate?

When you merge a clear intention with a higher emotion (a heartfelt process) you move into a new state. A new state creates a new personality. A new personality creates a new reality. This process makes your brain work differently which will change your mind. According to neuroscience, “mind” is the brain at work.

Everyday….remind yourself of who you want to be. Rehearse it daily along with feeling the matching emotions. Repeated over time, this will rewire your brain to become the person you want to be.

Steve Harvey proves this to be true. He became a different person in order to live his dream. And he did it by creating a better expression of himself every night he slept in his car. He rehearsed in his mind the success he knew he could be and he felt it! 

It works. Neuroscience proves it. Why not try it?

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