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How to Persuade Buyers to Buy. There’s a Video too!

One of the most important lessons you can learn about how to persuade buyers to buy is this:

There are only two things that matter:

1. Are you talking to the right person?
2. Are you talking to them in the right way?

Here’s an example…

A business selling discounted couture clothing began a small website but started to take off in a big way. Each day they’d feature new deals as a way to help their fashionista readers save big.

And the community grew. It grew real big. And it became so popular they snagged an unbelievable book deal.

They got their book published, and they announced their book to their readers. And guess what? Very few people bought it.



They spent YEARS conditioning their fashionista readers to be cheap. They spent years teaching people how to not spend money on couture clothes. So, naturally, when it came time to ask them to spend, they came up with one million reasons why they shouldn’t spend anything.


That’s because they were talking to the wrong people.
Look at your situation…could you be possibly talking to the wrong people too? Could you company be giving away too many deals, so you’re prospect is waiting for the best deal?

Here’s another well-documented story and this one really shows how to persuade buyers to buy!

Estee Lauder Cosmetics launched the first type of retail give away. If you bought $50.00 of products, you’ll receive this free gift valued at $30.00.

It was golden the first few years, but then, they tried to stop the gift with purchase and guessed what happen….sales plummeted.

Estee Lauder customers dug their stiletto heels in and curtailed buying because the gift with purchased stopped. By this time Lancôme began their own gift with purchase, so Estee Lauder customers high tailed it over to the Lancôme counter.

How long do you think it took Estee Lauder to start up the gift with purchase gig again…NOT LONG! And they’ve admitted they should have never started the gift with purchase in the first place! They trained their customers to buy only when a gift with purchased was offered. The Pavlov dog syndrome.

Let’s dive further into…

How to Persuade Buyers to Buy.
There are three types of prospects.

The first type I call “The Buyers.

These are people who have known you for quite sometime, and they don’t need much convincing. They’re already sold, and they just need something to buy. They like you. They trust you.

The second type I call “The Shoppers

These are the prospects that will NEVER buy what you sell. You could be the best salesperson in the world, and there’s nothing you can do to convince them to buy. Maybe they don’t have the funds. Maybe they’re just not interested in your product. Or maybe they’re a competitor. Maybe they just like you as a buddy, remember my last video? You can read it here. OR watch the video here.

Whatever the case, they’re not buying, just “shopping.”

And the third type I call “The Pass Timers.

The Pass Timers are the people who could buy, should buy, but for whatever reason, haven’t made up their mind yet… they’re just passing your time, asking you questions, keeping the hype alive.

I want to help you better understand who the “Pass Timers” are. In my experience, there are four types of people who are pass timers. And they are:

* The Indifferent
* The Skeptic
* The Worrier
* The Procrastinator

The Indifferent think

“Does this really matter to me? Do I need it?”

It may be true, but then again, it may not.

The Skeptic think:

“Who are you and should I trust you?”

It’s not that they’re cynical, or paranoid, often times, these people are just new to your company and they’re not sure if you’re someone they can trust… or someone who’s trying to pull the wool of their eyes.

The Worrier questions their own decisions whereas the Skeptic questions you. When you’re selling a product people have internal fears about “being the type of person” that can benefit from it. As an example, you might see a GREAT new dress, but you might be thinking, “am I the type of person who can wear this at my age?

The Procrastinator as you might have guessed, procrastinates. This is something all human beings wrestle with, and it’s largely because we’re resistant to change. And while they may want what you’re selling, spending money hurts, and they’ll delay experiencing that pain as long as possible.

How do you sell to these 4 Pass Timers?

1. Make the Indifferent care

2. Make the Skeptic trust

3. Make the Worrier stop worrying

4. Make the Procrastinator act now

And if you can successfully help each one buy, you have made the leap from a small number of sales each month to a BIG number of sales creating an immediate impact on your life, business or sales career.

Right now…think about each one of these Pass Timers.

Who do you encounter the most?

What types of things do they say?

What has your experience been with these people so far?

Leave your answers in the comments below and let me know your experience.

We’ll continue the conversation next week and I’ll walk you through what you need to do to help these pass timers buy!

So go ahead and click the play button below… How to Persuade Buyers to Buy. Share it with a few of your friends!

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