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2 Keys on Developing the Cornerstone of Sales, Mental Toughness.

Developing the cornerstone of sales, mental toughness, is often put on the back burner for most sales people.’re not Superman, Batman, Spider Man, Iron Man or any other action hero. You’re an action hero in another way. You’re a Salesman or Saleswoman that lives by “Here I come to save the day!” (Are visions of Andy Kaufman singing Mighty Mouse coming to mind?)

The Cornerstone of Sales, Mental Toughness. How can you develop it? 

Even a Sales Hero needs to recharge and refuel EVERY DAY. When talking to sales people this seems to be consistently, across the board, the most neglected area in their self-development. Without the self-discipline to recharge and refuel, your goals don’t stand a chance and there goes your mental toughness. That’s how important the mental game is and developing mental toughness is to goal achievement. It truly is the cornerstone of sales.

Brian Tracey’s article Successful People are Self Disciplined said:

“All unsuccessful men and women are undisciplined and unable to control their behaviors and their appetite.”

Gerhard Gschwandtner writes:

In fact, when Dan wakes up in the morning, he begins the day with positive affirmation: “Today I will do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to achieve my goals.” Dan also meditates every day to clear his mind and connect with his true self. When the going gets tough, he Dan says to himself, “Every day in every way I am getter better and better by the choices I make and the actions I take.”

You can read the article here.

Frankly, I could list hundreds, if not thousands of thought leaders, psychologists, sales leaders, athletes etc. who believe the single most important action you need to take every morning, before you start your day, is to set your day up for success by preparing your mind for success.

And in the sales profession preparing your mind for success is crucial. Let’s face it, not every sale goes smooth and the buyers aren’t knocking down your door with money in hand wanting to buy what you’re selling.

So yes, I’m talking about this again.

SportMedBC states:

Leading up to a competition, it is important to provide athletes with the mental tools so that they can learn to manage their own performance and create their optimal level of mental readiness. Strategies such as goal setting, imagery, thought management, and emotional control can be learned through practical exercises that incorporate these elements into the athlete’s practice and daily routines. Athletes can then use these tools to develop their personal routines and plans for achieving mental readiness for competition. These plans can be refined and adjusted during the pre-competition phase as athletes engage in practices, and other tournaments and competitions leading up to the “big event”.

Every day you walk out your front door to do a sales call, a sales presentation, or picking up the phone to cold call, YOU ARE COMPETING. So prepare yourself for the competition.

Sales is more about losing than winning. It’s more about rejection than getting Yes’s. And only the mentally tough will thrive and succeed. Every one of us needs to refuel and recharge our minds every single day. That’s the preparation needed for mental readiness. Mental readiness sets up mental toughness.

Here are the two best times to prepare for mental toughness
  1. The optimal time to prepare your mind is first thing in the morning, when you get up.

And yes, you may need to get up ½ hour earlier to have time to yourself. There are no excuses here. A friend of mine who has 4 children, works full time and is married, wakes up at 5:00 each morning to have an hour and half to herself before everyone gets up. She spends 30 minutes in prayer, 30 minutes reading a business book or watching an inspirational video, then exercises for 30 minutes. Every morning she keeps her commitment to herself. She has told me over and over how this single commitment is the cornerstone to her success. Katie’s a former gymnast who was taught mental toughness at an early age. It’s no wonder corporations clamor to hire former athletes!

  1. Prepare your mind right before a sales call, sales presentation or cold call.

Just like a basketball athlete visualizing in his mind throwing 3 pointers, you must visualize winning the sale. When you pull up to the appointment, sit in your car with your eyes shut and walk through the entire sales process from “Hello” to signing the contract, in your mind. Listen to your tone and words as you repeat the sales script in your mind. Feel the emotions of helping the buyer make the decision to buy. These are powerful anchors that will guide you through the sale with competence and confidence.

Always prepare. Always practice. Prepare for the no, plan for the yes. Don’t wing it. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking the sales call is second nature because you’ve done it a thousand times. Athletes always prepare for the next competition, no matter how many wins they achieve and so should you.

As Rocky Balboa said,

“That’s how winning is done”

It’s your turn now, what do you do to prepare yourself for the day. I’d love to know! Please share in the comment section below. Just scroll down and you’ll find it.

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