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4 Answers You Need Before Closing the Sale

4 Answers You Need Before Closing the Sale. Know the Questions?

The door slammed, as she walked out of the office. Jolted by the noise, Susan silently vowed she’s done with sales. “It shouldn’t be this hard” she whispered to no one.

Sitting in her car, she tried to shake off another failure.


Susan has not yet come to grips with her sales problem. What happened to her is typical among sales professionals. She didn’t get the answers to 4 essentials questions before trying to close the deal.

4 answers you need before closing the sale may seem obvious, but are you asking the obvious questions?

Before walking into the next sales appointment, take these 4 questions with you. If you know the answers you’ll feel very competent about the sales call. If not, chances are you’ll be uncomfortable like Susan.

4 Answers You Need Before Closing the Sale.

Question #1 What do you need to find out?

This question can only be answered by speaking to the decision maker or someone else who can help you better understand what results are needed to solve the issues and problems. Be certain you are speaking to the individual that has final authority to approve your proposal and write the check.

But more importantly, what information do you need to mine from the decision maker who can help you address the problems.

Question #2 What do you want the Decision Maker to know?

This is where you can provide value to the decision maker’s long-range business goals, and contribute strategies for revenue growth. When you can provide her with solutions that makes her look like the hero, then it’s a win/win. How can your product bring value, increase revenue and help with the business long-range goals?

Question #3 What do you want the decision maker to do? 

There’s another twist to this. Can the business or decision maker you’re pitching provide value and have a long-term positive results impact on your company? Consider…is this really a good fit?

Question #4 How do I want the decision maker to feel?

Will the decision maker attribute positive results to you thus making your contribution a win/win? I had the reverse happen to me recently. A client had a substantial increase in sales due to my training and coaching, yet when asked how they achieved the amazing results, my name never came up…the client took all the credit. Had I known they planned to keep me their best-kept secret, I would have never agreed to the training. This was all my fault. I didn’t ask the question. Lesson learned! Don’t make my mistake.

If you can answer these questions along with knowing how you’ll get the decision maker to know, do and feel what you want, then you’ll close the sale with confidence.

4 Answers You Need Before Closing the Sale wraps up the 4 part series on Strategies to Discover about the Decision Maker

If you missed the above articles, simply click on the article hyperlink to read.

Knowing how to discover and work with the decision maker is essential in winning big. If you want help discovering the decision maker through a targeted selling strategy then simply hit the contact tab on the bottom right side and set a sales consultation appointment. It’s as easy as that!

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