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4 Seconds to Establish You’re Worth Listening To!

That’s right! Only 4 Seconds to establish you’re worth listening to!

Scientist believe that our decision making process has been hard wired into our brain since the cave man days. When faced with danger stand your ground and fight or run as hard as you can, away from danger.

Prospects may have the same fight or flight reaction when having a close encounter of the salesperson kind! Just like the caveman, the prospect’s brain reacts just as quickly. As a salesperson, you have exactly 4 seconds to make a good impression when cold calling a prospect.

4 SECONDS to Connect! (Watch the video here) 

You may be asking yourself, what can I do in only 4 seconds to make a positive impression so the prospect doesn’t hang up.


Here are the 3 characteristics you’ll need in order to be perceived as a Sales Professional worth listening too.

  • You’re sharp as a razor
  • You’re enthusiastic
  • You’re an expert in your industry

How can you establish this in 4 seconds….easily.

Think back at a time when you were in a business meeting. In strolls the top producer. She’s enters with confidence, (sharp as a razor). A broad smile on her face as she enthusiastically greets everyone. Without needing to say a thing, everyone can tell she’s definitely an expert in her field. Her body language commands it.

So during the first 4 seconds of a phone call, you can sound sharp as a razor with enthusiasm, which will automatically make you sound like an expert in your field, by the sheer confidence in your voice.

Words matter, AND so does tone. No one wants to waste their time talking to a salesperson that stammers and uhms…within the first 4 seconds and sounds all dull as paint drying.

Remember, your first priority is to establish you’re a sales professional worth listening to. You are someone who can help solve his or her issues and problems.

Now ask yourself, how can you improve within the first 4 seconds of a phone call?

Next…it’s all about the tone.

Did you know, when you speak, you communicate beyond words? In fact the words themselves make up only about 9% of all verbal communication. The other 91% is divided between tonality and body languag

To establish rapport in the first 4 seconds, it’s crucial to consider your tone and body language. By using the right tone, delivered with the right words, and body language, it can have an amazing affect on the person you’re talking to.

Think about this…you can persuade and influence anyone you’re talking to by using the correct combination of tone, words, delivery and body language!

Now before you decide this is manipulation, it is not! When asking your husband to consider a date night, you use a different tone than when asking him to take out the garbage. Be honest. You already use tones as a form of persuasion and influence on your spouse!

Consider this….when a prospect picks up the phone to answer your call, which example do you use to establish you’re a sales professional worth listening to.

  1. The tone of a person who sounds monotone.
  2. The tone of a person who has confidence and enthusiasm.
  3. The tone of a declaration turned into a question.

I hope you didn’t pick number one! Number two is ok, but the winner is number 3. Here’s why.

Say out loud…”hey, remember me?”

Using that tone when introducing you to a total stranger disrupts his normal brain wave patterns. (This is actual science!) When the prospect answers, “Hello, this is John.”

You answer enthusiastically and with confidence…”Hey John, this is Christine Harrington? (You phrase your name as a question as if to say, “Hey, Remember Me?” By raising your voice at the end.)

Try this…

“This is Christine Harrington calling from the Savvy Sales Lady. How’s it going today?” Let your voice rise up when you say your name and your company name.

This brain disrupter tone gives you about 10-15 additional seconds of the prospects attention as he tries to remember if he knows you. The additional seconds will give you a chance to tell the prospect the reason for your call without being interrupted.

In total, there are around 29 different tones. 8 are critical to sales. Right now, practice this and begin incorporating tones into your phone calls in order to establish yourself as a sales professional worth listening to. I’ll write more about the 8 critical tones needed for effective selling at a later date. So check back!

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