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5 Steps to Move Out of Sales Chaos. Read How

Last week, I talked to more people who are frustrated, confused and disgusted with themselves for varies reasons.

They all had one thing in common…feelings of overwhelm.

What does it look like for you when feelings of overwhelm envelopes you like a heavy object crushing your chest making it a struggle just to breathe? (That’s how one person described it to me!)

Today’s article focuses on 5 steps to move out of sales chaos when feeling stuck, behind on sales goals, confused on how to fix the things in your life that hold you back..things that overwhelm to the point you have difficulty focusing.

Because the reality is you have to confront it so you can fix it.

Warning….Chances are there’s a high probability it’s going to push you right to the limit.

But you must confront it, conquer it with courage so you can move toward a better outcome, and a better life, creating positive momentum. If you don’t, what’s the cost to your career, life, family and YOU? 

Step One-Move Out of Sales Chaos

If you’re being held back and not moving forward it’s essential to first look for the root cause. Why is this important? Because you’ll discover presuppositions and action patterns made by your brain. Yes..your brain.

Your brain is operating in the background of your mind all day long much like an OS (operating system) in a computer. 

Do you think and command your brain to move your arm? No. It’s an automatic response. Your brain automatically creates many things while you go about your day, including self-defeating thoughts, nagging warnings called a conscience and solving complex problems and so on.

Ask yourself these questions. What are you…

  • Afraid of?
  • Avoiding?
  • Failing to develop?

Maybe you’re just afraid of fear and have no valid evidence that fear has made your life a living hell…or maybe your life has been a living hell at some point, and you’re afraid it will happen again.

How can you get over the fear chains that bind you?

How can you reclaim yourself?

Here’s a Sales Pearl…

Instead of overcoming fear develop courage!

Tell yourself,

“I have an ethical duty to myself, my family, my employer, to the world to straighten things out!”

Learning is finding something you’re doing wrong, or not efficient in. It’s discovering deep habits that you’re unaware of and transforming that into a new, good, better habit.

The Phoenix symbol is a symbol of transformation.







And so is the crucifix…it’s a reminder to Catholics of suffering, sacrifice, death and resurrection. 

Both symbols represent a struggle that transforms the bad into something good, and new..a rebirth. Both symbols create feelings of hope.

Face the thing that frightens you, that’s holding you back. Let the death of that thing occur so you can be reborn into something better, new and good.

Step Two

How do you aim at the good?

Ask yourself…

How do you want your sales life or life look like one year from now?

What are you willing to do today to move towards that life?

It doesn’t need to be 12 things. Aim lower if you’re completely overwhelmed. What’s one thing you’re willing to do today?

Aim at that.

Next… notice psychological blocks or fears or avoidance patterns. Shake the fog off and become completely aware of those teeny tiny thoughts that pop into your mind trying to derail you.

You have them. We all have them.

Step Three

Come up with a strategy once you have a handle on the blocks, fears, avoidance patterns and self-defeating habits.

Think of it this way…you don’t notice something unless it interferes with what you’re doing. Every day, all through the day, you pick something to focus on. You focus on those things that you value or why would you focus on it. Right?

It could be you’re totally focused on developing a prospect. You’re completely engrossed in research when your concentration is interrupted by a tweet notification bell.

Because you value social media, you shift your focus away from prospecting and pick up the smartphone to read the tweet. It’s from a political figure that you follow. Because you value that political figure, you click on the link to read the article attached to the tweet.

So the question becomes what do you value more…your prospect, the tweet, or the political figure? Which one will move you closer to what your aiming at…the prospect or the tweet?

Now you may be thinking..this is ridiculous Christine.

Is it?

How many times do tweets, Facebook notifications, Youtube bells, text messages, emails and other distractions eat up your minutes that turn into hours during one given day?

And herein lies one of the reasons you may feel overwhelmed, overworked and feeling lousy about not accomplishing much because you’ve spent your day responding to dings!

Sales Pearl…

Your value system determines the direction of your perception.

You focus on what you value.

Many times focusing on what you value is unconscious.

Sales Pearl…

it’s very difficult to control what you focus on. That’s why I encourage you to turn off all smartphone notifications. You hear a ding and you respond. So who’s controlling who?

You may think you have it all under control, but you don’t…your subconscious mind has the control and it’s being activated by dings, chimes, and beeps! By the end of the day, the feelings of being overwhelmed start to crawl across your chest like a vice. 

Then the next question becomes..

Step 4

What causes overwhelm?

People who do not have enough order in their lives get overwhelmed. This is why I advocate so strongly about having a structure to your sales day. It’s better for your brain. It’s better for what you’re aiming at because overwhelm can lead to depression. And if you’re depressed, it’s hard to get motivated to do anything, including getting out of bed each morning.

If you’re overwhelmed with work, chances are you’re equally overwhelmed in other areas of your life.

Is your…

  • Car clean and orderly inside, or does it have fast food bags strewn all over it as if you’ve gone to every drive-through restaurant over the last year?
  • Home clean and orderly or do you avoid having family and friends over because it may take 2 days to clean, straighten, organize your home into one that is inviting, and comfortable?
  • Desk neat and orderly or do you waste precious time looking through the stacks of stuff on your desk trying to find the receipts for your expense report?

If your environments are in complete chaos, then the first aim is to create order out of the chaos.

A famous 19th-century philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche said

“A person with a why can bear any how.”

This is where Simon Sinek’s now famous “why” popularity came from.

What’s your why? Having one will help you get your act together, and transform the chaos of your living environment into one of order. So at the very least when you go home from work, you won’t feel overwhelmed by your living environment when opening the front door!

Step 5

Pursue creating positive emotions.

You can’t pursue positive emotion without having order in your life. Positive emotions are not from attaining material things, as you’ve no doubt discovered.

Positive emotions are created when you see how your life is working and succeeding towards goals you are accomplishing or have accomplished.

So positive emotion is a goal-seeking emotion.

If you want to create the life of your dreams, you need a structure to your day and a concrete plan in place.

This is where many people go wrong when they’re behind on their goals, living in chaos and feeling overwhelmed.

They abandon the goal and let the chips fall where they may.

If that’s you…my solution is..

Aim lower. That’s right…aim lower.

Small increments increasing in gain have an unbelievable effect.

So ask yourself right now..

”What am I willing to do today?”

Then stop with that. It may be just one thing. It may be 3 things. You determine that. But every day I want you to ask yourself…

What am I willing to do today.”

When you get up each morning, ask this question and then do it. At the end of the day, you won’t feel guilty. You’ll create positive emotion because you did the one or two things you were willing to do.

Practice this for a week. After the week, you’ll want to continue the practice because you now have evidence and the tool you need to move forward in small increments, by asking one simple question…

What am I willing to do today….


“A person with a why can bear any how”

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