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5 Common Rookie Sales Mistakes

This started out as a YouTube Video. As I was writing the script, I realized it’s good information to help people that are new in the selling world, and for the seasoned sales pro too. So whether you’re new to selling or a seasoned pro, all levels can benefit from this article.

If you’re new at selling, I bet you’re ready to set the world on fire! GOOD! And if you’re the seasoned pro, I hope this helps to reignite your fire! Avoid these Rookie Sales Mistakes…I mean really…don’t do these 5 things!

 Rookie Sales Mistake #1:  Don’t Self-Promote.

This is a common rookie mistake….rushing out to the world screaming, “Look at me…I SELL _____” (fill in the blank). Save yourself the heartache because nobody cares. I know you’re excited, because you should be! Instead turn that excitement into “earning” sales not screaming ‘I’m here to sell’.

There’s a time to self promote, but this isn’t the time. This is the time to learn how to be valuable to your prospects, how to earn the sale and build credibility.

Rookie Sales Mistake #2: Don’t Fall Hard to Failure.

To be frank, you want to fail…and you want to fail often. That’s right…most people have it backwards. Most people see failure as…something negative. It’s not negative. It’s only a result….a result that you can learn from in order to know what works and how to win more often.

I guarantee you, if you fail the most times on your team, you’ll be the highest producer!

Don’t take failure personally…it’s only a learning tool. You can read more about this in an article I wrote about this very subject. It appeared in Jeffrey Gitomer’s Newsletter July 21, 2015…click here.

Rookie Sales Mistake #3: Don’t Stop Your Sales Education.

My oh my…how many sales professionals do this! If you want to be at the top of your career…NEVER and I mean NEVER think one sales training course is all you need. As a matter of fact, you should constantly; everyday feed your mind with a variety of different sales leaders insights. Don’t make the mistake and hook into one sales program or sales leader. Investigate and learn from as many as you can discover. You’ll quickly discover the authentic ones from the BS’ers. BUT never quit learning, growing and cultivating your sales mind, skills and unique talents.

Rookie Sales Mistake #4: Don’t Beat Dead Horses

When a prospect doesn’t return your 5th phone call or email…it’s a dead horse and don’t keep beating it. Save yourself the frustration. Instead determine what your client looks like and cultivate them. Too many times rookie sales people will take any client. You should be focusing on the type of client you want to work with. Don’t fall into the trap of taking on any client that comes your way. You should pick your client because he or she fits your client profile.

Rookie Sales Mistake #5: Don’t Chase Two Rabbits

In the beginning money is tight. AND it will seem like a lot of cultivation is going and not much is growing. I get it. Resist the temptation of starting something else to coincide with building your sales career. It’s impossible to chase two rabbits at 100% effort on each rabbit. Can’t be done. Instead focus 100% plus on the sales career you’re now in.

Rookie Sales Mistake WARNING: There are NO Overnight Sensations.

Don’t buy into the BS of becoming the next best thing since sliced bread in one month. You’ll burn out quick and become disillusioned even faster. Instead work on building one competency skill at a time month after month. Within a year you’ll be the master of 12 competencies skills and your confidence will be out of this universe!

QUESTION: What one selling skill are you struggling with? Leave your question in the comment section and I’ll be sure to answer it. I’d love to help you.

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Remember, Sales is a journey….not a quick trip around the block


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