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6 Simple Contradictory selling tips that work

6 Simple Contradictory Selling Tips That Work. Try These Tips Today.

If you’re like most sales people, it’s difficult to go against the traditional methods of selling we’ve all been taught. The brain, through conditioning, is designed to get along so to speak.

However, as a salesperson, you don’t have the luxury to conform and to repeat the same old methodology. To survive, you must transform, reinvent and do the opposite of what your competition is doing.

One of the ways to stay average is to do what all the other salespeople are doing. It might be time to try something different.

So if you’re frustrated with beating your head against the wall for meager results, try this…

6 Simple Contradictory Selling Tips That Work!

1. Stop Beating the Dead Horse

Learn how to quit the dead opportunities. If your pipeline isn’t brimming with opportunities, chances are you’re more likely to hold onto those dead horse opportunities, because that’s all you got! Kill the opportunities then spend your precious time developing quality leads.

2. Change the Budget Discussion

Why not have the budget discussion early on in the sales process? It will prevent you and the prospect from wasting each other’s valuable time. Open with complete transparency and ask intriguing questions to move the conversation forward about their budget. You could ask “Do you have a budget in mind?” People appreciate directness. This will help you determine the prospects that can do business with you early on.

3. Use the Anti-Close

The Anti-Close takes your product and services away from the prospect. It’s human nature, what we can’t have, we want the most. BUT this close isn’t for every prospect and it can be risky.
Say something like, “It seems we may not be a good fit.” or “My products implementation may not be the right time for your business.” The key to making this close work is to be very low-key when presenting. It challenges the prospect to think of ways to do business with you.

4. Keep the Relationship

When you lose the deal, be the one to keep the relationship.
I’ve witnessed many salespeople become so upset about losing a deal that they hold a grudge against the prospect. It’s still an opportunity to gain a referral or to do business down the road.

5. Text, Email, Phone, Skype etc.

Use all forms of communication available, even Skype! BUT more importantly, use the mode of communication that the prospect is most comfortable with. If you don’t know, ask.

6. The Competition

Talk about the competition. That’s right! Do it in a professional way though. You are the resource for your clients and prospects. If you don’t know everything about your competition, then you’re doing them a disservice. To beat the competition, solve the prospect’s problem differently than the competition. And if you have information about the competition that can negatively affect the prospect, by all means, you must have the discussion with the prospect.

Every once in awhile you need to change it up. Try these tips and let me know how it works for you.

Do you have some contradictory selling tips that you use? Would you share yours in the comment section below?

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