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4 Steps for Savvy Sell by Design

In today’s world your prospects and clients are “market savvy”. So to be Savvy in Sales, you MUST have a specific plan for each prospect and client…it’s not a one size fits all solution

 4 Steps for Savvy Sell by Design
  • Analysis
  • Awareness
  • Solution
  • Ask

In this 4 part series we’ll focus on Analysis in this article.

Often time’s sales people make the wrong analysis if the buyer comes to them,

Cha-Ching…easy breezy sale….

Wrong! Don’t get caught in the hype, thinking the sale is a slam dunk because the buyer comes a callin’ ! Often times the buyer hasn’t properly identified what they need. The buyer may have a general idea but may also have hidden needs that’s necessary to discover.

When you analyze the need, you are putting the buyers “wants” under a microscope.  Some “wants” the buyer will disclose, but there are hidden “wants” and “needs” that the buyer may not be aware of. …And finding those “hidden needs” will show the buyer you’re truly a professional.

And I’m using the terms “wants and needs” as interchangeable because people buy because they either need or want something.

Here’s a Savvy Sales Pearl…..

Needs and Wants = Reason and Excuses…

If you give someone a reason to buy and an excuse for buying, the chances he will buy go up dramatically!

Personal Story…

During the time I worked at the Catholic Cemetery in my diocese, I met with a family who were interesting in buying two crypts. At least, that’s what they told me. I spent around 2 hours showing them different locations, pricing etc. They kept shaking their heads saying they couldn’t afford it.

At one location, the wife questioned, why three names on one of the crypt fronts. I explained that the family had entombed their son’s cremated remains in the crypt and we allow one full body and one cremated remains per crypt.

I asked her…

Do you have other family members that perhaps have a need because we can place one cremated remains per crypt?

The wife began crying and revealed the rest of the story. The couples adult daughter was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was expected to die in the next few weeks. The cost of the funeral, the cemetery and final expenses were overwhelming and they were trying to decide how to pay for it all. She admitted, they only came to window shop to find out pricing but by buying one crypt to place her daughter in when she passed and financing the second crypt, easily solved their problem. The couple decided to buy the crypts if her daughters cremation remains could be entombed in one of the crypts.

Here’s the lesson:

The couple wrestled in their minds how they could afford it all. They came in window-shopping and left with two crypts and a sacred place to lay to rest their daughter. I gave them a reason and an excuse by asking one compelling question.

And that’s how you uncover the needs and wants, by asking compelling questions. The Savvy Sales Person will not sell to symptoms but ask compelling questions to uncover the true need.

Had I not asked that one question…that couple may have left and went to another cemetery who would have sold them three crypts instead of what they really needed and that was only two.

Remember…ask compelling questions to gather information not facts, because facts will not uncover needs.

Savvy Sales Pearl KEY that’s Tweetable! 
People buy what they want, when the want it, more than they want the money it costs!-Zig Ziglar


Now it’s time to hear from you! Do you have a story where you saved the day! Will you share it with the community below in the comments?

And watch the video below…it’s a little different from the article. Next week, we’ll talk about Step 2 Awareness! I gotta warn you though…in the Awareness video I attempt to tell a joke…Yikes! Stay Tuned….

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