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Aggressive Selling

Aggressive Selling. Is it a Bad Thing? NO

Aggressive selling. Is it a bad thing? NO

Who said, “You don’t compete with anyone, you make them compete with you”?

There have been various offshoots of this quote such as “stay in your lane” or “Only compete against your personal best” but this quote is slightly different…

“You don’t compete with anyone, you make them compete with you.”

This quote takes a tremendous amount of mental toughness to get yourself to the point that you’re no longer worried about the competition because the competition is now worried about you!

In this article we’ll delve deeper into this and why you, as a sales professional, should embrace aggressive selling. That’s right, I said “aggressive”.

Make the Competition Compete with You

I’m sick and tired of “guru’s” telling salespeople to be assertive, not aggressive. Aggressive selling has been given a bad rap.

The definition of aggressive is someone who is prone to being competitive and makes strong attempts to win.

Aggressive is defined as bold AND assertive.

Let me take a moment to clarify what aggressive looks like and doesn’t look like when it comes to selling.

Aggressive Selling Doesn’t Look Like

Aggressive doesn’t look like hounding the prospect, or phone stalking the prospect.

My definition of phone stalking:  making repeated calls in a day or a week without leaving a voice message.

As a matter of fact, my voice mail messages states ‘if you want your call returned, leave a message.’

I’ve talked about this before in other articles, and I teach this in coaching sessions and workshops, YET I still have my own students calling and not leaving a message.

If you take the time to call, take the time to leave a message. I’ve had people say to me:

“but didn’t you see I called?”

me: “Well it didn’t seem important because you didn’t take 5 seconds to leave a message.”

Last, Being aggressive doesn’t mean being rude, trash-talking, or hateful. Although some people who can’t handle the truth will view you as being hateful. That’s their problem, not yours. Hand them tissue to wipe their little eyes.

Aggressive Selling Does Look Like

  1. Setting up an aggressive follow-up cadence with the prospect that you work every single day.
  2. Setting up an aggressive qualifying protocol so you’re not chasing dead horses and have a very clear and realistic idea of the qualified leads in your pipeline.
  3. Asking for the sale with an aggressive timeline or when the buyer gives you obvious buying signals.
  4. Aggressively being honest with yourself on weaknesses that are sabotaging your success and creating a plan to turn the weakness into a strength with aggressive goals and timelines.
  5. Aggressively pursuing mental toughness and stop giving yourself excuses about why you are canceling appointments, can’t do your coaching homework, can’t sell, can’t set appointments and blaming your lack of success on COVID19, wearing or not wearing a mask, working from home because the kids are distracting you, the economy, the President, your political party, your religion, your boss, the product you sell, your spouse, your kids or your dog. Honestly, I’m sick of the excuses and you should be too!

What can you control?

“You can control what you put on yourself; you can’t control what the other guy puts on you.” (Source at the end of the article)

Be aggressive on what you put on yourself. I can’t emphasize this enough.

You can find a kazillion articles on how to reduce stress. How to be “kind” to yourself. How to be gentle to your inner child, crap.

Do you know what being soft, acting soft, and selling soft will get you? A mindset of victimhood, excuses, and financial ruin.

I’ve been tiptoeing around this for too long and you need to know the truth. You cannot survive in sales if your approach is “soft” to all your excuses and blaming. And using a “soft” selling process.

Be aggressive with yourself and add some stress to your sales day. Set some goals that are uncomfortable. Cold call every day to harden yourself to rejection. Grow some thick skin by making a point to get rejected over and over again.

Focus on putting internal pressure on yourself so you know what drives you!

You can handle the pressure. You choose not to because it’s safer to stay in your comfort zone. BUT if you want to be successful in sales, you have to get out of the shade and be willing to get a sunburn.

What Drives You?

This is a question that I ask in coaching…” what drives you?”

Usually, people have NO IDEA!

They’ll say things like money, then they will apologize for saying it such as

“Money drives me, but don’t misunderstand I don’t sell to make money.”

(I don’t know about you, but I sell to make money!)


“Making money to pay my bills and support my family. But I shouldn’t let money motivate me.”

(Money is very motivating to me…nothing wrong with that.)

SO let me ask you…WHAT DRIVES YOU? And don’t give me a wishy-washy answer…truly what drives you?

Drop me an email and let me know what deep down inside drives you.

You May Be Asking…

How do I make the competition compete with me?

By creating and focusing on your aggressive game plan. It’s about having the confidence to bring the pressure or letting your competition back you into a corner and steal your sale.

If you need help to discover what drives you, increasing confidence, or coming up with an aggressive plan, then email me or complete the form below and take advantage of a free Zoom coaching call.

(SOURCE– All quotes come from Tim Grover, in his book Relentless)

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