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Brushing Your Teeth and Selling Part Two

If you missed Part it first here.

Let me repeat the quote again…..In Zig Ziglar’s book, Over The Top, he states,

Motivation… is not permanent-but neither is bathing. However, if we bathe every day, we are ahead of the game. From a motivational point of view, if we deliberately seek encouragement (motivation) on a daily basis, it will become a habit and enable us to get ahead and stay ahead in life.

What fascinates me about this statement is this particular line in the quote… if we deliberately seek encouragement (motivation)…

I never viewed motivation as ‘deliberately seeking encouragement..’ Frankly, I never thought of motivation as self-encouragement. It always struck me as a feeling….’I Feel Motivated”

Deliberately seeking encouragement as a positive action step takes motivation to an entirely new level. If you find this astonishing too, will you comment below! Am I the only one left on earth that’s just now getting this!

With that said, my daily routine is listening to or reading something motivational every morning. It’s a habit for me like brushing my teeth, although I really think of it more as inspiration. And the inspiration (Positive action of reading or listening to a podcast) propels me into the feeling of motivation, which causes me to take action every day. Make sense? If so, tell me below in the comments! I’d love to know your thoughts on this.

What positive actions can you do that will cause motivation?

Let’s start with what we know about motivation based on Zig’s quote.

ü We know that motivation is temporary, so you need to work on it daily.

ü We know motivation should be a cultivated habit like brushing your teeth or bathing.

ü We know motivation will help us get ahead and stay ahead in life.

ü We know you MUST take positive action first in order for motivation to follow. It’s not the other way around.

Now this is where it gets personal, because everyone is different. Find what motivates you and make it a daily habit. A habit you continue through out the weekends, on vacation, a business trip and holidays. Think about it….you don’t stop brushing your teeth or bathing when going on vacation, do you? If you leave for a business trip, you may forget your toothbrush, but you don’t shrug your shoulders and say, “ forgot the tooth brush. Guess I won’t be brushing my teeth on this business trip.” NO! You immediately go to the concierge at the hotel for a toothbrush! Develop the same “habit” for daily motivation.

Here are a few tips for keeping you motivated each day.

  1. Plan a time each morning for your daily inspirational hour. Tony Robbins calls his Hour of Power. I’m Catholic, so we have it the Liturgy of the Hours. Name that time for your own personal use. Make it personal to you. Mine is called Daily Holy Hour. That’s what it means to me…it’s a Holy time I can be with God and become inspired. I may pray. I may read from the Bible. I may read from an inspirational author. I may listen to a Podcast. It depends on what I need that day and usually God knows!
  2. Plan times periodically during the day to just take a few moments to focus on one thought you read or heard in a podcast during your daily hour. Perhaps you read a line that grabbed you. Write that line or thought on an index card and carry it with you all day. Periodically read it through out the day and contemplate its message.
  3. Plan times to directly speak to your mentor, spiritual advisor or uplifting friend. Now, this won’t happen daily unless you’re in a crisis. But make it a part of your plan. So often when life is just all lollipops and roses, we fail to create a backup plan for difficulties times. And don’t we know eventually a rough patch will hit. Do you have a back up plan? If not, now’s the time to create one.

Many people teach that motivation doesn’t work or no one can motivate you, or motivation is not long term..and they’re all correct.


  • Motivation only works if you make it a daily habit like brushing your teeth.
  • No one can motivate you. You must take Positive Action such as reading, listening or talking to a positive mentor or friend in order to create the motivation inside of you.
  • Motivation doesn’t produce long-term results. Positive Action everyday creates motivation that leads to long-term habits which creates the long-term results.


Athletes know the secret of using positive action to fuel motivation. Such as Larry Bird, who practiced day after day, hour after hour of lengthy shooting drills, long and short distance runs in order to maintain his edge on the court and motivation to be the best!


Zig said it best in this quote…

“Maintaining the right attitude is easier than regaining the right mental attitude.”

Question: What do you do as a habit to fuel motivation? Leave your comments below!

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