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Brushing Your Teeth and Selling?

Why is brushing your teeth two and three times a day such an easy habit? You don’t really think about it, do you? You brush your teeth in the morning, you might brush after lunch, you always brush your teeth before going to bed. It’s one of those habits that you just do automatic. Right?  My question is WHY? If you have the answer, please leave a comment below…I’d like to know!

I brush my teeth too…automatically…like I’m on autopilot. A mindless habit that I don’t even consider NOT doing.

In Zig Ziglar’s book, Over The Top, he says,

Motivation… is not permanent-but neither is bathing. However, if we bathe every day, we are ahead of the game. From a motivational point of view, if we deliberately seek encouragement (motivation) on a daily basis, it will become a habit and enable us to get ahead and stay ahead in life.

Zig compared bathing to a habit and I used brushing your teeth. Both examples point to the development of a personal hygiene habit that becomes an automatic response. An unconscious action done out of habit.

Zig also points out; the same unconscious habit can be developed for motivation just like bathing or brushing your teeth. How? By consciously repeating the motivational actions every day until it become an unconscious automatic response.

Now I realize I’m over simplifying this, but stay with me!

If we can train our minds to develop a habit of brushing our teeth and bathing, shouldn’t we be able to do the same with motivation? Starting down the road of practicing motivation is easy. Maintaining it over the years becomes harder.

When we discover a cavity at a dental cleaning appointment, we don’t throw up our hands and say, “that’s it. I’ve had enough. Brushing isn’t working. No use wasting my time on brushing.” And walk out of that dentist office quitting the habit of brushing. NO! We keep brushing and may add in a few more times of flossing.

Yet, when we hit a bump in the road, our motivation tanks, discouragement sets in, and we contemplate “I quit”. We may not quit our job, but we quit the very thing that helps us stay motivated and energized. We stop our daily habit of self-encouragement through the practice of motivational reading, or feeding our mind with the good stuff.

It works like this…you must first take positive action, then the motivation will follow. Often people “wait” to feel motivated before they take action. Guess what…you’ll never take positive action if you’re waiting around for the motivation to kick in! Take positive action first…then the motivation will rise to the occasion.

Brushing your teeth is positive action towards health and hygiene. You continue to do it, although you know an occasional cavity may happen, but the long term effects on brushing your teeth will impact your health enormously. The action drives you to -> the motivation for long-term health.

The same in selling. You know you’ll not win every sale. So you pursue your sales dream knowing the reality, you will not win every sale.  You also know that long term; your sales career will have a positive effect on your financial dreams. The action of selling drives you to -> the motivation for financial freedom.

So even when you hit a slump in sales, you know consciously, you must stay the course. You must continue the positive actions necessary to pull you through the slump. The positive actions will fuel the motivation to keep your eyes on the long-term goal.

Now, in Part Two I’ll cover the positive actions.

Part Two can be found here….

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