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How to Crush Sales without relying on Motivation

How to Crush Sales without Relying on Motivation

You’re too soft.

If you rely on motivation to get through the day…you’re too soft.

The #1 issue all the salespeople I coach is not what they think they need help with.

The #1 issue is something I can’t help them with and that’s…

Daily Motivation

If you’re constantly needing to feed the motivation beast…here’s what I CAN help you with…

How to Crush Sales without Relying on Motivation

Motivation, as you are well aware, is an elusive butterfly. Does that mean you should abandon ways to motivate yourself…NO!

However, understand motivation so you’re not relying on it to crush your sales.

Too many times during coaching calls, I hear

“I’m just not motivated. What should I do, because I can’t seem to pull myself out of this.”

A lack of motivation is NOT some type of illness that needs a prescription to fix it!

Here’s the problem…


Motivation is a feeling. Feelings come and go. You can’t maintain feelings. Shoot…it’s impossible to maintain the feeling of falling in love over 20+ years of marriage! After the “loving feelings” wane, it then becomes a choice to love your spouse.

Yet…way too often I hear many salespeople say they can’t “work” unless they feel some type of motivation or desire to do their job! Seriously?

Instead of relying on motivation….there is something more that’s sustainable.

Here’s the kicker…your mind will fight against it every single day.


you’ve trained yourself to be soft!

Before I reveal the secret, let me ask this question….why are military officers the most sought after C-Suite candidates for employment opportunities?

Because they are

1.) Strategic thinkers

and here is the secret….


There it is…the word everyone shrieks over…


Stay with me. 


and it seems to be the most avoided habit by many salespeople.

Show me a successful salesperson and you’ll see a very disciplined salesperson.


  • is the driver of executing your daily plan
  • will bring to the surface and defeat all the excuses and bad habits that are holding you back.

We’ve all been taught more about motivation to nail sales than the discipline that’s required. As I said earlier…motivation is an elusive’s temporary because it’s a feeling. It’s impossible to maintain a feeling.

If you’re in a very difficult period in your life…most people look for some type of motivation. Motivation will not get you through but discipline will.

You see…discipline is something you

  • decide
  • dictate
  • control

Here are a few examples:

Motivation will not “make” you go to the gym. Oh at’re really motivated until it begins to become a hassle, or you’re expecting results too soon. Most people quit in the middle when the motivation to lose weight and exercise begins to subside. It’s “discipline” that will get you to the gym.

Motivation will not cause you to pick up the phone to set another sales appointment. Discipline will.

Motivation will not get you to structure your day for success….discipline will.

Motivation will not turn off your TV at night so you can learn something new to move you or your business forward. Discipline will.

Make discipline a part of your daily life and all areas of your life will greatly improve.

Stay Humble

Most people don’t understand the concept of being humble. Don’t confuse humility with being a doormat for others to wipe their dirt on. It’s actually the opposite of this. Humble people are confident. However, if the ego gets involved the confidence turns to arrogance.

You’re going to be asked to do things in your sales career or life that you don’t want to do. So your ego fights it and creates all types of excuses. Be humble. Be willing to do whatever needs to be done. Don’t point the finger and say it’s not my job it’s their job. Roll up your sleaves and help solve the problem.

Take Ownership of Everything

Even if it’s not your responsibility…own it! Ownership is everything in your world. YOU are the leader of your life…

  • take the hard path
  • take responsibility
  • work hard

Discipline + Humility + Ownership leads to FREEDOM!

Think about this today….

Are you going to discipline your mind (ego) or will your mind discipline you? 

Do you need help developing discipline? Contact me today and learn about my Bootcamp coaching. You’ll learn success habits that will impact all areas of your life!

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