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Did You Really Fail in Selling?

Way too often when talking to sales people I hear this….

“I don’t think I’m cut out for sales.”

Invariably, they blame their perceived failure on some kind of recent sales loss or a series of sales losses.

Oh, yeah, they go into complete detail on why this isn’t working or that isn’t working. I’ve witnessed many promising sales people throw in the towel because success didn’t happen fast enough for them OR because they were not willing to learn from their losses. Does this sound all too familiar?

My question is DID YOU REALLY FAIL in selling? 

When success doesn’t fall into place as planned, or the BIG SALE is lost to the competitor you hate, do you perceive that as failure? Be honest. Most do.

You’ve been programmed to believe in failure. Our culture is a Success or Failure culture. Fear of failure has permeated into our consciousness like a disease.

And at some time in all our lives, you and I have failed many times by the culture standards and by our own standards.

Here’s the truth…you didn’t fail in selling, you only produced poor results or no results. You’ll always succeed at getting some kind of result. It may not be the result you want, but you will get a result.

There is no such thing as failure. There are only poor results and exploding results. Mediocre results and awesome results. Wrap your head around that for a second.

When successful people don’t achieve the results they want, they don’t see it as failure. They see it as a learning experience. Successful people begin the process and discipline it takes to reexamine the actions, and develop new actions in order to get a better result.

However, people that see their poor results as failure, do so because the result is up close and personal to them.

Think about a time when you perceived yourself as failing. How did that make you feel? Ashamed, loss of confidence, depressed, angry, overwhelmed, desperate?

That’s because you see failure up close and personal. And if you believe in failure, you’ll have a mediocre existence. BUT… Did you really fail?

Instead look at it from a different angle, an empowering angle. It’s a result only. A result you can fix by changing your actions. It has nothing to do with personal.

If you find yourself on the failure bandwagon, get in a new parade. A parade that empowers you.

Here are some empowering steps to take.

  • You can learn, right? Learn from your experiences. Study successful people. Model successful people you want to emulate.
  • You have an asset. Use it. Your asset is experiences.

Tap in to all the results that did work and examine how you can repeat it.

  • Don’t attach negative emotions to results that don’t work. Instead view it as neutral experience, something to learn from.
  • If you try something and you don’t get the desired outcome, see it as only feedback. Then tweak the actions until you get the desired outcome.

If you see every poor result as a failure, all you’re doing is feeding your mind with negative images and emotions. The vicious cycle begins over and over again with each poor result until you feel depressed, overwhelmed, unmotivated and ready to give up.

Thomas Edison didn’t see his poor results in developing the light bulb as failure….thank GOD! When asked if he was going to try for the 10,000th failure, he answered

“I didn’t fail. I just discovered another way not to invent the electric light bulb.”

Thomas didn’t take it personal. He used his poor results as feedback, tweaked the action again and again, 9,999 different ways until he got the desired results.

The next time you’re ready to throw in the towel, or take a result personally, remember ‘ol Thomas Edison. Are you willing to go for the 10,000th time? Do you have the discipline to dissect a poor result and determine the different actions you can take that will produce the result you want?

Successful people don’t have a failure mindset. Successful people don’t have failure in their vocabulary because outcomes are neutral not personal.

Strike failure out of your vocabulary and mind. Instead replace it with results and outcome. Learn from every experience.

Now, I bet you’re wondering…what does my picture have to do with this post? As you can see, I’m holding out my hair in the picture. Here’s the story…I was doing what every woman my age older and younger does and that’s getting some “natural” highlights in my hair. My sweet hair dresser was distracted because she just found out she’s going to be a momma! We were both chatting away, when she realized she “naturally” highlighted all my hair. You ladies reading this knows what that means!

When I returned home, I wondered what the h double hockey sticks am I going to do now about my hair! I couldn’t tell my hairdresser I was disappointed. It would have ruined her good news day…so instead, I redirected my inner frustration, and wrote this article and made this YouTube Episode below for my channel!

And just to prepare you…there’s a blooper at the end! Oh my!

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