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Do You Suffer from Prospecting Reluctance? Answer 7 Simple Questions

Do You Suffer from Prospecting Reluctance? Answer 7 Simple Questions

Knowledge does not make you an expert. Experience does not lead to better performance. Many salespeople live under the illusion that all it takes is having knowledge and experience. The truth is the knowledge and experience don’t mean a thing unless you take action. And I’ve noticed a shocking pattern with sales professionals taking less and less prospecting action. I call it prospecting reluctance.

Do You Suffer from Prospecting Reluctance? Answer 7 Simple Questions

Let’s see if you suffer from prospecting reluctance by answering the following questions: When was the last time you…

  1. Held 15 or more selling appointments in one week?
  2. Scheduled at least 30-60 minutes each day for cold calling and/or prospecting activities AND made the calls
  3. Made 5 referral calls in a week. (Not sure how? Click here to take my free Referral Course)
  4. Learned 1 new prospecting skill.
  5. Made next steps appointments after every sales call, face to face, Zoom, phone, or through email.
  6. Closed more sales this week than last week.
  7.  Blocked 80% of the sales day with prospecting activities and sales appointments.

And for clarification, on #5, “Made next steps appointments after every sales call, face to face, Zoom, or through email“, this means setting actual appointments, not “I’ll give you a call on Monday.” An actual appointment is when you and the prospect agree on a specific date and time, followed by a calendar invite. Then 24 hours before the appointment, you send a courtesy reminder email to the prospect. These are simple sales etiquette activities that professionals automatically execute.

So how did you do answering the above 7 questions? How many did you answer NO and how many YES? If the majority of your answers were NO, you’re suffering from prospecting reluctance. You didn’t really need these questions, though, because if you’re honest with yourself, you know you’re weak on prospecting activities. I haven’t met a salesperson yet that couldn’t do more prospecting.

So what really is the problem?

Simon White (sales trainer/coach from the UK) said in our collaboration video 12 Common Mistakes Salespeople Make, he was recently told by a seasoned salesperson, “I’m great when I get in front of somebody, I just need somebody to get on the phone and make that appointment for me.” Is this you too?

Prospecting reluctance, call reluctance, closing reluctance will never go away until you begin doing the basics again like you use to when you first started selling. There are fundamental sales activities that you must incorporate into your

Every single day, the following basic daily activities should be scheduled.

  • prospecting
  • sales appointments
  • follow-up
  • referrals
  • learning a new skill and/or practice

Compare this to your current sales day.

Do you need proof?

Right now, I’m working with a few private clients who sell very sophisticated product lines. One client took to heart my suggestion after analyzing her day and shifted to always include the basic daily sales activities as outlined above. In 30 days her sales improved by 36%. And this is just one example, I have many more. What would a 36% increase in sales do for you? When was the last time you saw a 36% increase in sales in just one month? Ever?

There’s a reason why I talk so much about this…because many well-meaning salespeople come to me because they’re struggling, believing they need to learn how to close sales better, or to be held accountable. One of the first things I do whether it’s a private client or when coaching a sales team, I analyze their sales day. I have yet to find one salesperson who’s day is proportioned for success.  You can improve your sales in 30 days by just adjusting how you spend your day. When you do prospecting activities, cold calling, follow-up activities, closing sales, holding sales appointments, every day….any kind of reluctance melts away. Because you’re actually doing, taking action instead of living it out in your mind, telling yourself you’re so busy!

Why are you reluctant?

Reluctance is due to being out of practice because you’re not consistent at performing the activity. You’re a professional. Professionals practice, improve weaknesses, and schedule their day to achieve specific outcomes. A concert pianist doesn’t stop practicing once she becomes a world-famous concert pianist. As a matter of fact, practice becomes more of an obsession in order to perform at one’s best.

If you take this one suggestion to heart and begin to practice again. Begin to schedule your day for specific outcomes. Begin to include the basics of selling back into your day, you’ll have a much better July and August. Why not try it. There’s nothing to lose.

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