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Failure at Sales. Are You Really?

How many times have you said to yourself, “I’m a failure at Sales”? I say, Are You Really? Or you go for a goal with all the gusto within you and the results are dismal. I received a concern from Ray about this very subject.

Ray completed the “Get to Know ME form in my newsletter….and he submitted a question for me. So today, I’m going to address Ray’s question.

And Ray, remember this….God allows failures to keep us humble and allows success to keep us going!

It takes courage to keep going after a perceived failure…and Ray I know you’re a man of great faith and courage.  And I’m asking…Did you really fail?

Here’s Ray question:

I am 57 years, 5 months and 2 days young. Why does God inspire me with dreams and goals and I run toward them all out and consistently fail at 1 right after another?

Ray…I’m with you buddy…same thing happens to me. Now, I’m not a theologian but I am studied Catholic. And I can’t read God’s mind for you….(Wow…wouldn’t that be a mind blower…reading God’s mind!) BUT the Bible tells us that God made creation in 7 days! So why are you trying to out do God by succeeding the first time out of the gate!

Now, I’m making light of it, because instead of looking at failures as a poor result, we take them personally. It’s just a result Ray. Tweak it until you get the result you want. I’ve failed more times than I’ve succeeded. What I do now isn’t easy, as a matter of fact It’s the hardest thing I’ve done so far. And look at how many times Edison, Franklin and Lincoln failed before they succeeded. HUNDREDS of TIMES.

When faced with a problem, you have to examine it from all different sides.

So Ray something you did, recently failed right?

  1. Get your head right…you didn’t fail, you produced a poor result. Nothing personal here.
  2. Examine the poor result on all sides, and come up with some alternative solutions and try again.
  3. Each time you try whether your successful or produce poor results, always examine the outcome. That way you’ll know what worked and what didn’t.
  4. When you find something that works, repeat it.

Now…I could be wrong, Ray but I think your real question is how do I stay motivated to try again.

Here’s what I do…

I take a break and watch or listen to something that makes me laugh…it instantly puts me in a better mood. And when you’re in a better mood, you want to try again.

Next, I read biographies to remind me that not everyone jumps out of the gate successfully. Some of the most successful people gained success AFTER age 60 years old. So Ray…you got 3 more years!

Joan Rivers found her self completely broke at age 70 and with no opportunities to work. Her career had completely dried up.   She reinvented herself, rebranded herself and started over. Well the rest is history because her comedy routine was revived, she created a million jewelry company on QVC, and she wrote more books. She became a money making machine. Had she not tragically died at age 81, she’d still be going strong!

So Ray and everyone else reading this….you’re never too old. I’m 60 years old and everyone thinks I’m crazy…well, but everyone thought I was crazy before… but that’s not the point!

There’s a Ray inside of you crying to get out. Let him out Ray…step out…and if you’re laughed out…who cares…if you get poor results…start again….doing is better that doubting.

There is no hope without action….go take action  

So Ray keep following GOD’s breadcrumbs.

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