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Grow Your Sales in 30 Days Challenge. Find Out How. It Can Change Everything!

For the past few months, Grow Your Sales in 30 Days Challenge, has been a project I’ve been working on diligently in order to bring it to you…for free.

As the quote says under ‘My Favorite Quotes’ section of today’s  Sales Pearls newsletter.. 

“Man Rises by Effort”

Effort doesn’t just exist with what looks like hard work, but it also suggests man Rises through hard work and struggle too.

Why am I bringing this to you today?

During coaching sessions, I’m often asked…

”Christine, do you think I’m cut out for sales?”

A misconception is prominent about selling, that selling is easy and if it’s not, then you’re not cut out for selling. Here’s a truth, salespeople are not born, they are made. 

New to Selling or Seasoned at Selling?

Are you new to selling? Great! Are you a seasoned veteran like me? Awesome! New or old you can learn something in this challenge or learn something new about yourself! I know I continue to learn every day.

There is something that never seems to change and that is…the valleys of selling. Digging down into the salesperson’s activities, I usually find the salesperson has stopped doing the activities that matter in a big way. Selling activities may differ from salesperson to salesperson, but the common theme is they stop doing the activities they don’t enjoy. That’s why I say this….

Grow Your Sales in 30 Days Challenge

The eBook is designed to be easy, quick reading to help you form a lifelong habit that will dramatically improve your sales, life, and quality of both!

It is the drive, the juice, and power behind helping you achieve your corporate sales goals.

My guess is you don’t bounce out of bed each morning saying..

“Gee, I can’t wait to work towards the lofty sales goal my manager set for me!”


Most salespeople are not driven by corporate goals. My guess is you’re not driven by the lofty corporate sales goals set for you either. The answer… a written personal goal to drive your success.

Why not try something that will make a difference! Accept the Grow Your Sales in 30 Days Challenge and download my free eBook Grow Your Sales in 30 Days

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I’d like to hear from you! If you find yourself in a struggle, (which I hope you do-it’s the best way to learn), then reach out to me. I’d be happy to help.

And, by the way, I’ll be doing the challenge with you! By accepting the challenge and downloading my free eBook, you’ll receive special online coaching from me! Why not try this!

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