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Have a Peak Performance Mindset to Boost Sales. Here’s How.

Indiana weather is one of those anomalies of nature. The day begins sunny and 73 degrees, and by nightfall it’s dropped to 31 degrees with spitting snow. Weather in Indiana is unpredictable. And you’d think after living in this crazy weather state most of my life, I’d be prepared for the unpredictable weather. The story I tell myself is the 73-degree weather will continue…that’s my hope, even though it’s November!

What stories do you continue to tell yourself about the weather, life, your sales goals, your boss, etc? We all do it. Everyone tells and believes the stories they make up in their head to justify, blame, or stay in denial or even worse, cover themselves with their blanket called a comfort zone.

5 Weeks

By the time you read this, your sales year will be over in 5 weeks. Some will throw up their hands and say it’s useless, the year’s over and it’s an impossible task to reach year-end goals in 5 weeks. That’s one story. Others will give it the ‘ol college try and plot out how the goal can be reached in 5 short weeks. That’s another story too. Then there are those who have reached their year-end goals…last month, and are now coasting the next 5 weeks, enjoying the holidays. Yet again, another story.

Stories are powerful, if you give them power. What story will you tell yourself over the next 5 weeks? And can you rewrite your story?

The National Science Foundation found that the average human brain creates 60,000 thoughts a day and 80% of those thoughts are negative. And of course, negative thoughts cause what?….Negative feelings and negative stories. This often leads to significant drops of productivity.

The negative thought process goes like this….

“5 weeks left in the year, and I’m still 20% away from making goal. Not sure how I can do this.”


“5 weeks left in the year and I’m only 20% away from making goal! I can do this!”

Be honest…which is your story?

Most people will choose the first story….”I’m still 20% away from making goal.”

And feelings of failure will begin to surface or blame. Blaming the fact the goal was too high and your boss doesn’t understand or the price of your product is preventing you from selling more. You know your story and how you justify not accomplishing what you need to accomplish.

As a sales coach and trainer….I hear these stories everyday.

Erika Carlson of Washington University in St. Louis explains that most people would rather see themselves in a desirable way, through their stories than face the self-knowledge of their reality. People tend to exaggerate their qualities to protect themselves against negative feelings or boost self esteem.

Here’s a Reality

Most sales professionals have never been taught self-awareness or how to turn their story from defeat to victory. This is why athletes become successful sales professionals and often have the advantage in the business world.

Athletes are coached that the mindset holds the key to improving performance. Larry Bird, the great Boston Celtic forward, would practice shooting baskets in his mind everyday. Visualizing shooting baskets was as much a part of his training as actually practicing on the court. Many peak performers break records in their minds long before they realize victory. Peak performance demand self-awareness and a deeper understanding of how you can create performance enhancing thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

I believe in mindset training so deeply, I recently became certified to train on Peak Performance Mindset Science. It’s the missing key needed for sales professionals to rewrite their stories by learning to change their mindset.

So to answer the question at the beginning of the article…can you rewrite your story? Absolutely! Peak Performance Mindset Training can give you the keys to rewrite your story in every area of your life.

A Couple of Keys

Be AWARE and BEWARE of the negative thoughts that pop into your mind. Don’t dwell on the negative thoughts and only acknowledge them. Then just let them pass by like a thought floating down the river of your mind.

Be AWARE and BEWARE of self-importance thoughts. You know the ones; the thoughts that exaggerate the truth about your performance.

“I was really quite good during that presentation. They didn’t buy because the price was too high. It had nothing to do with me.”

The self-importance thoughts can be as destructive as the negative thoughts, because they distort reality.

As Dr. Phil says “Get Real”.

Get real about being self-aware and tell yourself the truth. Stop spinning the stories to justify or blame.

You have 5 weeks left in the sales year. Get Real and Get to work. Your sales success or lack of can change in a moment. It doesn’t take a year.

If you’d like to learn more about using Peak Performance Mindset to improve your sales, click here.

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