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Why My Pantyhose are in a Twist. Closed Mindsets.

I hate a closed mindset. If you resist trying something new, this article is for you. I’m ok if you ask my advice and I suggest something you’ve already tried and it didn’t work. Kudos to you for trying.

What I can’t stand is when you ask my advice, have never tried it but you’re convinced it won’t work… for you. That’s being closed-minded.

That’s Why My Pantyhose are in a Twist. Closed Mindsets. 

Every week, I receive phone calls, emails or social media messages, asking different “what if” or “how to” questions from sales people. And there’s always one in the bunch that has a closed mind to every suggestion.

When I ask back..

”Have you ever tried this”

the answer is NO. Then I follow with,

“have you ever heard of this suggestion”

and the answer is NO.

BUT YET the next thing I hear is…

”But Christine, my situation is different.”

Dude…we all think our situations are different, special and like no one else. You’re living in a closed mindset.

As a kid, I’d try whatever anyone suggested when I wanted to succeed at something. I played trumpet. Lived for trumpet. Loved playing trumpet. My private teacher was the bomb too me. I did everything he told me.

When I began selling, I did everything my boss suggested. I’d always try suggestions until I perfected it. If over a period of time it just didn’t click for me, I find something that did. BUT I always tried first.

Growing up, my family loosely resembled “All in the Family”. My Dad had his favorite recliner, and my Mom (God love her) was as spacey as Edith. Dad referred to me as Meathead although I look nothing like Rob Reiner. Obviously and thank God!

Dad barked out the orders from his chair and my Mom waited on him hand and foot. I didn’t realize until later that I was actually living in a reality sitcom..called The Harrington’s. Even though I joke about it, my respect for both my parents run deep.

Mom and Dad instilled in me to always try something first. My Dad never let me settle for “but Dad I tried”..his rebuttal was always.“Well try harder!” Of course his wise advice came while sitting in his recliner. And he never let me quit.

Dad was a man who worked sometimes 3 jobs to take care of his family. And Mom worked too. So in our home, try was not a word we used. Maybe that’s why people who make excuses grind on my last nerve.

If you’ve worked hard at something, and gave it your all but it’s not working…then yes..shift to a different direction. But don’t close your mind off to a new way of doing something without trying it first, especially when you’ve asked for the advice. Consider the possibilities at the very least.

In this instant gratification world a danger has emerged. The danger is certainty. When you live under a false illusion that you can have it now, the false illusion of certainty follows. At any given moment with a cell phone, it’s possible to find anything you may want to know or legally buy simply by clicking on an App or Google. Instant gratification. Instant Certainty. Yet people are living through Apps, because in the real world there are no guarantees.

Don’t get me wrong…I love technology and all that it brings to the business world. I love connecting with followers and having conversations with people across the globe.

I’m just finding more and more people are not willing to challenge themselves or move out of their comfort zone, even when I make a simple suggestion to improve their sales. Why? Because they’ve become addicted to instant gratification and a false sense of certainty. And this is dangerous.

This is why my pantyhose is in a twist. Sales is a life long learning process of trying different things.

Progress is happiness. You can’t make progress or find happiness by closing your mind off to an endless stream of opportunities and possibilities. When you say without trying…”No, that won’t work”…What you’re really saying is your afraid to try.

If you’ve read this article to the very end and have an interesting opinion or an idea, I welcome the opportunity of reading your thoughts in the comments below. And Yes…women still wear pantyhose.

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2 thoughts on “Why My Pantyhose are in a Twist. Closed Mindsets.

  1. Hi Christine!
    Thanks for sharing.
    I think it’s easy to get comfortable, this is what stops so many of us from getting what we want.
    I would like to hear what books you read to help you stay motivated.


    1. Hi Liz..You are right…it’s real easy to get AND stay comfortable. Every morning I spend 30 minutes in prayer. Then I either read something motivational or watch motivational videos. Over the Top by Zig Ziglar is one of my favorites books. The motivational video I watch…almost everyday is the scene from the movie Rocky Balboa when he tells his son, “but it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!” There’s something about that scene that truly motivates me! Hope your thanksgiving was a good one Liz!

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