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“Here’s an Extra $50 Grace, I’m Making Real Money Now”

This was a headline used in an advertisement, about 90 years ago. Drayton Bird recently wrote about this powerful and quite successful advertisement.

You may be asking yourself

“Why should I care? After all, I’m not in marketing… I’m in sales!”

Here’s why you should care.

It’s about the lesson it teaches.

The advertisement was selling educational courses and telling a story about a man who decided to invest in himself by taking a few courses after work. As a result, his boss promoted him with a salary increase.

Now.. this article is not about promoting my services or suggesting you should invest in yourself by signing up for one of my webinars.

Well.. you should but that’s not where I’m going.

Here’s the Lesson in Making Real Money for You and your CUSTOMER

When was the last time you partnered with a customer to help bring in additional revenue for the customer’s business?

Try these suggestions

  • If your industry requires CE credits, sponsor a CE class once a quarter to help your customers earn CE credits.
  • Sponsor a lunch and learn. Invite a speaker to hold this with you at your customers’ place of business. Have your customer invite his customers. Your goal is to bring value. Ask an outside source (speaker) to present at the lunch and learn. This is not a promotion of your products and services. This is an opportunity to help your customers, customers.
  • Sponsored a golf outing or hold a pickleball tournament. Ask your customers to invite their customers. (Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the USA!)
  • Invite your customer to lunch and introduce your customer to someone that can fill in a business gap and enhance the customer’s revenue.
  • Hold a new employee training once a quarter for all your customer’s new employees that need to learn about your product or services.

I’ve done every one of the above ideas when I was in the insurance industry. #5 was my most successful by far. Let me explain.

Once a quarter, I invited all new insurance agents to a  “FREE new insurance agent training.” Breakfast, lunch, and snacks were provided because this was a 6-hour training.

During the training, I would delve deep into insurance contracts, different insurance products in the marketplace and the differences, etc. It was intense but the responses from the attendees were always extremely favorable.

Many times I helped them sell my products to their was a win/win.

As a result, my sales skyrocketed. The training was so successful, it was implemented throughout the company I represented.

Real Money Challenge:

What can you do to increase your customer’s revenue? What’s your competition doing?

When you help your customers make money, you become indispensable to the customer. Before you know it, you’ll be saying to your husband or wife..

Here’s an Extra $2500 honey, I’m Making Real Money Now

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