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How to Avoid Being a Needy Salesperson

How to Avoid Being a Needy Salesperson. 3 Steps

At some time in your sales career, the bottom has fallen out of your rise to sales stardom and now it’s impossible to sell the kids on going to bed on time. AND in this particular time in history, uncertainty is running rampant with businesses closing, layoffs and YOU need a sale so your head isn’t next on the layoff chopping block.

This uncertainty can and will affect motivation, confidence, and competence. You find yourself needy, maybe pushy and desperate to make a sale. There are steps you can take to avoid being a needy salesperson...keep reading!

How to Avoid Being a Needy Salesperson

Every lion trainer knows that the lion is a predator animal but is trainable. The lion trainer also knows if he exhibits weakness or vulnerability the lion will attack the trainer. That’s exactly how I describe the group benefits marketplace!

Selling group benefits in the insurance market place was the most vicious market I’ve ever encountered. If you even hint of neediness, you’re the broker’s lunch!

As a matter of fact, most salespeople have a problem with the phrase sales rep. They don’t want to be associated with the word “sales or selling”. That’s why the new phrase to describe sales is “business development”. Same meaning, different perception to try and camouflage to the buyer, what the rep is actually doing which is selling! It makes me shake my head!

Avoid Needy Phrases

Neediness will be spotted by the skilled buyer in a variety of ways…even with something as simple as an introduction.

Buyer: “Hi, I’m Blake Andrews”

You: “Nice to meet you, Mr. Andrews”

When you refer to the buyer as “Mr. Andrews” or “Miss Andrews”, you might believe this is showing respect. Actually, what you are conveying is, ‘Mr. Andrews, you’re much more important than I am.” You place yourself in a subservient role instead of someone of equal value which is two business people coming together to engage in a discussion and reaching an agreement. See the difference? 

Consider the difference between these two exchanges.

Hi Julie, This is Rachel Smythe with ABC Capital Investments and I want to see if I can get 10 minutes on your schedule so I can show you how we can work together in the future.


Hi Julie, my name is Rachel Smythe with ABC Capital Investments. I’m not sure if we’re a funding fit for you. I just don’t know. What I’d like to suggest is to meet with you so we can see where you’re going and you can look at ABC Capital Investments to see if there may be a fit…what looks best for your calendar?

If you were the buyer, which one would you rather hear?

Avoid Proving Yourself

Talking more than listening is a sure signal to the buyer that you need the sale.

Often times neediness to prove you’re an expert shows up as talking in industry jargon or using an extensive vocabulary to impress while at the same time dominating the conversation.

Feeling the need to impress or feel important are signals to you that neediness has crept into your psyche.

Have you ever heard a voice message greeting where the person drones on and on about how and when to reach them because they are so busy and important? Or someone left you a voice message that droned on and on. Both scream NEEDINESS

Many bad deals have been made or lost because of neediness.

Avoid Feeling Needy

You don’t need the sale that compromises you or the price. Let’s face it, most of us don’t really need anything, but we sure want a bunch of stuff. And right now during this pandemic, we don’t “need” to take the family out for dinner, but it sure would be a nice treat. Right? Just a few months ago eating out for dinner was no big deal and taken for granted. Now that it's taken away because the nation is in lockdown, you feel you need it more! That's an entirely different discussion for another article!

Contain the feeling of neediness by keeping it all in perspective. Do this by shifting the emphasis from "need" to "want".

It’s ok to want to close the deal because it’s a good option for the buyer. It’s something altogether different to need the deal so you keep your job. The shift in the mindset is so subtle, it may not be obvious to you but it is certainly obvious to the buyer who is looking for subtle cues to secure discounts and price breaks.

The word “want” means to strive for, plan for, and develop a process to close the deal, instead of unconsciously sabotaging the deal because you need it to survive another day. If you can feel the desperation, so can the buyer!

Last Word on How to Avoid Being a Needy Salesperson

Have control and discipline over your feelings and developing the sale. When that happens, the buyer will perceive you with confidence and trust.

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