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How Develop Sales Insight for Peak Performance

How to Develop Sales Insight For Peak Performance

Insight is the ability to see and understand why you do the things you do. Insight is the number one key to change because you cannot change what you will not acknowledge.” – Dr. Phil   

Do you fall into the pattern of an unwillingness to acknowledge what you’re currently doing just doesn’t work?

Or perhaps sales is just a job, not a career so your goal is to get through the day.

Katie admitted to me recently, that she doesn’t really see her sales job as a career. It’s only a job that pays her bills.

And yet, she expects to be incredibly successful selling.

Like many salespeople, Katie has a real disconnect between what she expects out of her sales “job” and what she’s currently doing.

Jay, said to me in 2017, that he doesn’t have the “time” to pursue referrals. He assured me he had plenty of business to make his yearly goal. Jay explained that he’s so busy he can’t possibly follow-up on the referrals he receives. Will it come as a surprise to learn that Jay failed to make his sales goals in 2017? He didn’t miss it by a little bit…he missed it by quite a bit!

Katie and Jay do not have “sales insight.” Both have a disconnect between what they want and reality!

Does this sound familiar?

How to Develop Sales Insight For Peak Performance

You cannot change what you refuse to acknowledge. It’s not the product, a saturated market, the boss, the economy, the fact you’re overweight, or over 50.

It’s you…and me too. I’ve been guilty on occasion…refusing to look at reality. Refusing to look at my own personal sales insight.

Sales insights can be your best friend and will definitely help take you to the next level…IF you engage in self-reflection.

I love this quote by Serena Williams…

“No matter what, you have to show up-so why not compete.”


This week your challenge is to activate your full mental capacities. Examine your personal insights and your sales insights.

Start Here:

  1. Let go of negative people: Negative people add weight to your mind! Go on a mind weight loss program and lose those negative people.
  2. Smile to boost your mood and increase your social success: The act of smiling rewires your brain according to a Penn State study. Smiling causes your brain to counteract negative thoughts. Test it. Try to smile while thinking about something negative. It’s hard to do!
  3. Start your day by committing to a positive outlook: 1,739 adults living in Nova Scotia, Canada were studied for 10 years to determine if happiness can affect their health. The happiest people were 22% less likely to develop heart disease over those who fell in the middle of the positive emotion scale!
  4. Celebrate success: Keep a success journal throughout 2018. At the end of the year, your journal will offer proof of all your successes, small and large!

Be in charge of your happiness. Examine your insights as well as your sales insights to determine what needs to change.

In Spiro Technologies latest article 6 Signs That You’re a Seller and Not a Closer Ken Kupchik states

5. You don’t constantly try to learn and improve your skills

If you’ve been doing the same thing for months or years without trying to identify weaknesses or learn new sales skills or more about your industry, then you’re either already perfect or you’re not a closer. You cannot be someone who shuns personal growth and expects to grow as a salesperson.

Do You Suffer From I KNOWITALL-ITIS? 

Many well-meaning sales professionals have “I know IT ALL” itis!

I know how to sell,  how to prospecthow to_____(fill in the blank)

You know how to do it all when it comes to selling, yet every year you fall short of your sales goals.

Be willing to admit you may “know it all” but you’re not doing it. Why?

Be willing to admit you may NOT “know it all”. You can learn something new about yourself, by reflecting on your personal insights and sales insights.

“Insight is the ability to see and understand why you do the things you do. Insight is the number one key to change because you cannot change what you will not acknowledge.” – Dr. Phil   

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