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Tips to Increase Your PipeLine….Easily!

REFERRALS…UGH! Oh wait! I have a tip for you! Keep reading because I’m super excited to share this strategy. I’ve been using it and have had incredible results… so I had to share it with you all!

Let’s face it…everyday as a sales pro you’re looking for ways, leads, advantages to fill your keep it flowing with opportunities. Am I right?

Do I have a tip for you! This is not my idea, so I want to give credit where credit is due. It was shown to me by Marc Barnes, a Regional Director with Combined WorkSite Solutions.

It’s a referral strategy that will keep your pipeline full and flowing..there is a catch though. You gotta do it!

This post is about

Tips to Increase Your Pipeline….Easily! 

Let’s get started.

If you’re a follower, you know I preach about not asking prospects or new clients for referrals. As a matter of fact, save yourself the embarrassment…don’t ask. Why? Because prospects and new clients know nothing about you or your products.They have no experience with you or your company..that’s why they’re reluctant to give out referrals. Seriously…would you refer someone to your business clients, family or friends that you barely know? We both know that answer! NO!

So what’s the solution? SPIDER WEBBING and it’s brilliant…(not sure why I didn’t think of this!)

Start with one client or customer that absolutely loves you and your company. Preferably one who’s done business with you for over 6 months. Got a name in mind?

Now…draw this diagram…or you can download mine for free by clicking here.Spider Webbing Blank


In the middle circle, put the name of your client that loves you and your company. In all the surrounding circles, list all the vendors (not clients) you believe you’re client uses for his/her business.

For Example, let’s say your client is in the automotive industry. What vendors do you think might also be doing business with your client….you’re not the only vendor!

Here’s what it should look like when you’re done.

Spider Webbing (1)

As you can see in the example above, all the names listed on the outside circles are all possible vendors XYZ Automotive could be using…and there’s probably more!

The next step…when you meet with XYZ Client, who loves you, prepare a spider web like shown above. As your wrapping up your meeting, pull out the spider web..and say

”You’re a great client and I’ve enjoyed working with you…tell me, what vendors do you do business with…and I ask… because could they possible need my services too?”

Show your spider web. This will help jog your client’s memory and come up with names. And if you don’t want to show your web, then go down the list of possible vendors to make it easy for your client. I did this recently with a well established client and she actually looked at my spider web and said…

“You missed one”

She gave me the vendor industry I missed with their name and number! Who knew it could be this easy!

You now have a list of warm leads and all you did was a spider web! When you call the vendors you have an easier conversation…

“I just met with XYZ Company, and your name came up. I do ABC for XYZ Company. I’m calling to schedule a 20 minute meeting to show you my idea on how I can help your company like I did with XYZ Company. After we meet, we can then determine if it makes sense to have a deeper conservation”

Easy Peasy right! It is if you do it with the clients who love you.

Businesses may be reluctant to refer their clients, but they won’t be reluctant to refer other vendors.  

If you do this with every client you have a good relationship with, you’ll never run out of leads.

Go back to XYZ Example. Let’s say out of the 10 vendors on your XYZ Company spider web, you end up with 3 customers. In six months, assuming all is well and they love you, an opportunity will present itself for you to do spider webs with those 3 customers. So you now have 30 more lead opportunities. Can you see how this just keeps building and building until you have so many warm leads you’ll be delirious!

I have a question for you…have you heard of Spider Webbing…if so can you share some of your tips in the comment section? And if this referral tip is new to you, let me know in the comments below how you plan to use this concept in your day to day sales adventure!


Sales is a Journey, Not a Quick Trip Around the Block!

Start doing Spider Webs at your next client meeting!

Watch the video too!

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