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How to Move a No to a Yes! What is the Buyer Really Saying?

Let’s face it…there are only a handful of reasons why buyers don’t buy….

No Trust

No Money

No Time

No Urgency

No Need


What is the buyer really saying “no” too?

How you frame your question could be one reason why your getting a “NO” response. You see there is a psychology to selling and words matter. Are you selling to your needs or to the buyers needs? AND how you sell is more important than what you sell . Whenever you’re offering a “change” the buyer always processes that as CHANGE PAIN!

The thoughts tumbling around in their brain sounds like this….

“I don’t know this guy or his company”

“It may not workout which will cause the company loss in revenue.”

“I don’t have time to change.”

“I’ve seen this rodeo before.”

“We’ll have to get others on board, and that’s not easy.”

So the prospects “automatic response” to you is…

“I’m happy with my current vendor.”

Here’s how to answer Miss Buyer.

“Miss Buyer, I’m glad you’re happy. Wouldn’t you agree in business, it’s good to have options.”?

Usually, you’ll receive a “yes’ response…Then follow with,

“That’s all I’m really offering to you.”

Understand this…

Most buyers would rather not make a decision & get it wrong than make a decision and get wrong results

Do these two things to ease the Change Pain.

Empathize and Expand


Let Miss Buyer know you get it.

“Miss Buyer, I agree change can be hard…It’s hard for my business too. If I can show you how we can ease the pain and make the process simple, I believe you’ll learn the change pain is not nearly as difficult as the pain of doing nothing.”

Expand the Effort

Miss Buyer is thinking this is going to be a hassle and will probably cost her time and effort which translate into costing her business money!

Your job is to help her feel good about you and the process. Expand on how simple you’ll make it (Note…I did not use the language “easy”. Your product many not be easy, but your onboarding can make it simple.) Get the drift! You’re minimizing the effort in order to change her pain perception.

Next, how will this impact her business…offer her…

  • Case Studies similar to her business
  • Testimonials
  • Some kind of Guarantee.

Those 3 offers will help her see the bigger picture and diffuse her Change Pain.

Now…it’s your turn! Can you give an example of how you’re successful in changing the pain? Share with the community in the comment section below!

Remember, sales is a journey not a quick trip around the block.

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