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“I Don’t Sell!” cried the salesperson. Is This You?

One of the teams I coach are home inspectors. Part of their inspection process is offering upgrade services, such as radon testing, mold sample testing, and sewer scope inspections.

When I began working with the inspectors back in December 2016, all adamantly said “NO” when asked if they were salespeople. When asked if they considered themselves “experts” in their field, I got another firm “NO”.

This group doesn’t think they “sell” upgrades and they don’t perceive themselves as an expert in their field. They could not embrace the truth. They ARE salespeople and experts in their field. This team is dedicated to doing the very best inspection for the home buyer, and yet they struggle with how the homebuyer perceives them…as the expert! 

“I Don’t Sell!” cried the salesperson!

And he truly believes it, even though he explained to me all about his products and his target market. In his mind, he’s an engineer. He couldn’t possibly be a (lower than pond scum) salesperson!

Now, I may be preaching to the choir here, but on some small level, are you telling yourself the same lie?

A few years ago, I coached a woman who sold insurance products. She told me she hated sales and refused to “sell” to her clients. She truly believed “selling” was such a negative, and those who sold were evil. I’m not making this up! I asked her why did she choose to be in sales…her answer…wait for it…..

“for the money”!

You don’t need a Ph.D. in psychology to see the problem here. 

My point is this… it or not…in EVERY situation someone is buying and someone is selling…in our professional life, personal life and spiritual life!

I try and sell God on my will every day!

If you struggle with the label “salesperson” you need to find a way to embrace it instead of resisting it. Your success depends on it.

Zig Ziglar Wisdom

Ziglar Corporation recently released an excellent PDF on this subject. I’d like to share it with you. It’s one of Zig Ziglar’s teachings that you’ll really enjoy. (I’m not affiliated with Ziglar Corporation…yet!)

You can download it here.


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