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Improve Sales by 30%. Follow 4 Steps with a Bonus

Jordan Peterson states we are running at about 51% of our capacity. Here’s the question he many hours a day do you waste?

The typical answer is 4-6 hours per day.

If you’re not sure how many hours a day you waste then how much screen time does your iPhone report each week? Ouch!

Think about how much time you’re wasting over the span of a year.

Let’s say you spend 4 hours per day wasting time. That’s 20 hours in a work week. 80 hours per month. 960 hours a year! 960 hours is 24 (40 hour) work weeks. This is half of the work year! 

How much money is this for you? If you’re in your 20’s it much more a catastrophe than if you’re over 60 like me, because you have a longer work life ahead of you as a 20 something that’s wasting precious time! 

No matter what age you are reading this…what would happen if you stopped wasting the opportunities in front of you? How much would your success change? In this article, you’ll learn how to improve your sales by 30%. Seriously. 

Step 1 Improve Sales by Being Efficient. 

In my coaching practice, by just tweaking the daily activities of sales reps, I can increase production 30%.

Seriously. You can do the same.


By analyzing every activity you do every minute of the day. Yes, this does take work but if you would record every activity and how long that activity takes, it will show you where you’re wasting precious time.

Divide the activities into two sections, Selling activities and non-selling activities. Then proceed to place each activity into the sections.

My guess is you’ll discover 80% of your day is spent in non-selling activities and most are time wasters. So shift your day. 80% should be on selling activities and 20% on non-selling activities. My case studies prove this shift will realize a 30% increase in sales. Click here for the link showing a graph of a case study for you to see. 

Be efficient.

Step 2  Improve Sales by Learning to Write

WHY? Learning to write helps you to think and to develop ideas.

When you learn to write, along with the ability to express your ideas nothing can get in your way.

Many times I watch salespeople struggle with the ability to effectively communicate with the buyer. They struggle with presenting their ideas, effectively writing/reviewing a proposal, or composing an email properly! If you need help in this area, read this article, 3 Tips on How to Increase Email Open Rates. 

When you learn to communicate effectively you’ll become an influencer, you’ll close more sales, you’ll become a valued advisor. Consider taking a writing class. I did! 

Learn to write.

#3 Improve Sales by Following a Schedule

People repel when I suggest accounting for every minute of their day. Those that do don’t waste 80 hours per month which is 2 full work weeks!

If you want to watch an HBO series, schedule it to your day. When it’s over, just don’t sit there mindlessly watching something else…do something that you can learn or will move you forward in life.

At the end of the day ask yourself, are you better off than the day before, the same or far worse?

If you have many days in a row of the same or far worse, now you’re digging yourself into a whole. Now you’re stuck!

This isn’t a strategy.

Following a schedule is a strategy.

#4 Improve Sales by Improving the Next 24 Hours

Ask yourself, in a 24 hour period,

  • What % of my day is sleep?
  • What’s my responsibility/obligation ratio for the day (If you work 8 hours + take care of an elder parent or have children figure in the % of your day devoted to fulfilling these obligations. If you’re single, and live alone, well this is much different)
  • What % will you give to exercise
  • What % will you give to TV or video games, or hobby?
  • What % will you give to self-education

If you don’t analyze where you’re spending your time and wasting time, a decade will go by and you’ll wonder. Why am in the same spot? How did this happen? Or if things are worse…how did this happen?

Improve Sales and Life
Jordan Peterson


Jordan Peterson often says “get your life together”

You know what you need to do. You’re just not doing it.

WHY? Ask yourself WHY? I bet you know the answer.

These are all important questions to ask yourself so you can develop a strategy to improve your day to be better off and move you forward because the goal is avoiding staying the same or being far worse off than last week.

Improve the next 24 hours.


Now here is the Important BONUS Step

BONUS: Improve Sales by Taking Responsibility

Your fate. Your success or lack of is intertwined in the people that form your circle of influence or in your network. Who are they? Are they people you aspire to be or people just like you?

You are the center of your network. Look at your network. Are the right people in it?

Then ask yourself, am I living a life of not taking responsibility. if so, then life doesn’t matter and you treat people the same treat people like they don’t matter.

If you lie to people, even to people you love, in essence, you’re saying they don’t matter.

When you take responsibility for everything..then everyone matters and you treat everyone like they matter. Instead of being arrogantly stubborn to control everything, you learn to cooperate and learn to influence the people you have no control over. Life becomes easier.

You can control your day and whether you waste time or take advantage of the time you have each day. Whatever you choose are the results you’ll reap at the end of the year because you’ll have no-one to blame but yourself if the rewards are few.

Take Responsibility!


Sales Managers and Sales Leaders! If you’d like to learn more about the case study featured in this article, just complete the form below. Your team can realize a 30-68% increase in sales too! 

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