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Is the Easy Sale Really Worth It?

Read this personal story and keep in mind…

Is the Easy Sale Really Worth It? 

The year was 2010. I always buy my cars from the same dealership in Indianapolis. I work with the same new car salesman. Since I am in sales, I always work to develop a relationship with people I do business with. It doesn’t matter if it’s the local restaurant, or a dress store, or hair salon; I always frequent local businesses to support Indiana. And I usually buy from the same sales clerk I develop relationships with.

It was time to buy a new car. This time, I wasn’t trading in my old car. I decided to give my 2008 Pontiac Vibe to my parents to drive. So…I didn’t have a trade in to negotiate.

The new car salesman I had used in the past had retired, so the GM handed me off to another salesman. I told him I wanted to upgrade to a SUV and I had my eye on a GMC Terrain. He asked what features were important, and I gave him my list. ‘Was I picky about color,’ he asked. Red cars are usually my choice, so I wanted a red SUV.

Steve showed me a Merlot color GMC Terrain. It had everything on it I wanted with the exception of one major item; it was a 4 cylinder not a 6 cylinder. Steve explained this was not the 4 cylinder vehicles of the past, that much improvements have been made…’Let’s go for a test drive’ he suggested.

Off we went. It seemed to accelerate quickly enough when pulling out into traffic. He said the gas mileage was great…but ‘that isn’t a concern’ I told him. ‘My mileage is reimbursed through my employer’. I asked about the performance of the 4 cylinders when traveling through the mountains, as I had a trip planned to SC. “Ah, no problem at all. It’s the same performance as the 6 cylinder” he assured me.

When we pulled back into the dealership, I asked if he could find me a 2011 GMC Terrain that’s a 6 cylinder with all the features I was requesting. He went into this elaborate explanation of how he has been tracking down other Terrains for other customers and the SUVs are selling so quickly, it’s hard to keep them in stock.

I told him I really did not want a 4 cylinder, I would think about it and get back to him in a couple of days.

He called me the next day and said the Terrains were selling fast and he couldn’t guarantee the one I test drove would be around in a couple of days. We talked more and I caved. I didn’t have time to look around. My work schedule was already hectic and I caved. I went that night and bought the 2011 GMC Terrain, 4 cylinder.

At first I was satisfied, until I took the road trip to SC. Navigating through the mountains with a 4 cylinder SUV didn’t have, by any stretch of the imagination, the same get up and go as a 6 cylinder. I was angry with myself and I was angry with the sales person because he took the easy way out and sold me what I didn’t want.

It was my fault for caving, and his fault for being lazy. What do you think the chances are I’ll ever buy another car from him….slim to NONE. How many people do you think I told about this poor experience…anyone who will listen!

So not only did the salesperson lose future business with me, but he lost out on referral business too. I have been asked numerous times by people..”Hey, how do you like the Terrain? Or “Who’d you buy your Terrain from.” My answers were not positive.

For the life of me, I don’t know why sales people set themselves up for failure. Instead of being my hero, that salesman is not worth my next car purchase, because I no longer trust him. A car isn’t a couple thousand-dollar purchase, it’s a $30,000 plus purchase! What was he thinking? Well…he wasn’t. He was only thinking about an easy sale.

Only thinking of the easy sale, I call “Underserved”.

  • The salesperson takes the easiest way out.
  • The salesperson doesn’t disclose all the information the customer needs to make a decision, thus forcing the customer to make a premature decision….or sales manipulation.
  • The salesperson makes little to no effort to help the customer, believing the product sells itself.
  • The salesperson only price sells.
  • The salesperson will never walk away from a sale thus selling the buyer what he/she doesn’t want.
  • Once the sale is complete…the sales person is never heard of again! He/she is on to the next conquest.

 This underserving sales person is manipulative. And I am sure you have your own buying examples when you were Underserved by this type of salesperson.

And here it is 5 years later, and I’m still talking about it!

Be the Sales Hero! 

Leave your comments below. Have you ever had this happen to you?

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  1. A excellent article and it is so true. I told a salesman I did not want a white car and he kept showing me a white car! I walked away from the dealership. This article is perfect timing, I am sitting at the dealership looking to buy a new car. Thank you,for the article.

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