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Essentials of Cold Calling. Improve Your Cold Calling Results.

Cold Calling

Learn How to Improve Cold Calling Results

Are you struggling with prospecting? To be more specific are you lousy at Cold Calling? Here is a playlist of Prospecting and Cold Calling Videos that are certain to help improve your results! These are the essentials I use everyday…and I’m very good at it too! Also, check out this post on “Here’s Why I Use Sales Scripts ”  .

Prospecting…in all areas are essential to sales success. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…those people who claim Cold Calling is Dead are DEAD WRONG! The real story is THEY ARE lousy at cold calling! If you know how to properly cold call, it works. However, you just can’t pick up the phone and bang out 30 calls. You must do research on each prospect, have a plan and a strategy. Then execution, consistency and persistency will bring you success!

Watch this playlist for my tips and strategies. Also, I have a few interviews of sales professionals who cold call on a regular basis and have success doing it. Hear it from Danielle and Kyle!

Remember, when you do sales follow-up like a professional, you’ll be taken seriously as a professional.

Think of it this way….if you’ve ever flown a commercial flight, then you know the sequence of events that occurs before the airplane actually takes off. The flight attendants walk the aisle checking seat belts, seats in the upright position, and tray tables are secure…along with items being properly stored. The pilot and co-pilot run a checklist of safety and flight procedures before the plane moves away from the terminal gate onto the the runway for take off.

You must be just as disciplined as a flight crew before take off. Make your own checklist before picking up the phone to make a follow-up call or before cold calling. Again…be the professional and just don’t wing it.

For more YouTube videos to help you become Savvy at Selling…check out my YouTube Channel. 

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