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Is this a brush off?

“Not Now” Objection. Is this a brush off? Read to Find Out!

Pat Pendergast, one of my LinkedIn connections, shared a video story on LinkedIn about the “not now” objection. And it reminded me of my own“not now” story that I’d like to share with you.

How many times have you heard this from the prospect…

”not now” 

“It’s not the right time”

“why don’t you get back to me in 6 months”

Not Now Objection?

Many times you might see this as a brush-off or you might think the prospect is just too nice to tell you ‘no’ to your face. Is this really a not now objection?

Have you made these assumptions?

There may be a few instances when the prospect IS giving you a brush off…but what if they’re not! How can you know for certain?

Follow by saying this….

“Thanks for letting me know because I believe timing is everything. Since the timing isn’t right for you, how about I stay in touch. When the timing is right, we can talk again. Fair enough?”

If the prospect agrees then you have an opportunity to cultivate the relationship by staying in touch.

You see…your timing may be now, but that doesn’t mean your timing aligns with the prospect’s timing!

Personal Not Now Objection Story

A current client I have…we stayed in touch for almost a year and a half before the timing was right for his team. There were a variety of reasons why it took that long, but I’m certain of one thing…had I made the assumption he was brushing me off, we would not be working together today!

Be careful confusing your timing with the prospects timing, and making assumptions that a “not now”  is a disguise that means NO. If you didn’t watch Pat Pendergast video click here. Pat uses the Not Now Letter/email. 

Stay in touch by sending the prospect…

  • value added articles about trends in their industry
  • Introduce the prospect to someone that can add revenue to their business
  • Send handwritten notes and birthday cards
  • Send a work anniversary congratulations note..this is easy if you’re on LinkedIn
  • Call every 3-4 months and see if circumstances have changed to allow a further discussion.
  • Give the prospect a referral or reference.

There are many ways to stay in touch. Be creative!

Do you have a “not now” story that later turned into a sale? Leave your story below and share what you did to cultivate the relationship. I’d love to read your story! And if you need help…I’m here for you. 

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