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Powerful way to get a prospect to call you back

Powerful Way to Get a Prospect to Call You Back. Learn How Below.

Are you frustrated with prospects not calling you back? Do you feel leaving a voice message is a waste of time? Keep reading about a powerful way to get a prospect to call you back. 

Diane from Michigan feels the same way too and she sent me an email asking…

Christine, I’m so confused on why I can’t seem to get a prospect to call me back. Do you have any tips around this?

Yes I do Diane…

Today, you’re going to learn a powerful way to get prospects to call you back.

But you’ll also learn WHY prospects aren’t calling back!

So let’s first talk about why prospects aren’t calling back.

5 Reasons Why Prospects Aren’t Calling You Back.

  1. Maybe the prospect is early in the process and just gathering information and options.
  2. Perhaps the prospect pretty much made his decision to go with someone else.
  3. Maybe your follow-up isn’t as persistent as the competition.
  4. It could be your voice message wasn’t intriguing enough for her to feel compelled to return your call.
  5. It might be you didn’t offer enough insights to make them curious to want to learn more.

Out of those 5 reasons ask yourself this…”Which ones are you responsible for?”

You are not responsible if you enter into the prospects buying cycle too early or too late. Or if the prospect has decided to go in a different direction.

You are responsible for you’re follow up, the voice message you leave and whether you offer enough insights.

So only focus on what you are responsible for. That’s where your power lies.

Let’s start with #3 FOLLOW-UP

Follow up is a hard lesson I had to learn early in my group benefits days when I sold employee benefits.

My proposal was one of perhaps 25-30 proposals received by the employee benefits manager or the insurance advisor that was managing the groups employee’s benefits.

Typically, I would follow up two to three times to check on securing a meeting to discuss the proposal I submitted. Month after month, I was getting nowhere. Finally, I asked a benefits manager why my proposal was overlooked. I had a great price and better benefits. She said to me “Christine, the other vendor followed up more than you.”

I paid attention and I started following up more myself consistently and persistently! 


CHECK MARK “Learned that Lesson”!



Look at your follow up…how consistent and persistent are you? My bet is you could do more. Every time you hesitate in following up, just remember, you’re competition has no hesitation. 

#4 Is your voice message intriguing enough for the prospect to want to hear more?

Most sales voice messages I receive are silly and boring. They’re either too vague or pitch too much. And it’s all about what the caller wants not about what I need or want. In other words, they give me the same pitch over voice mail that they give to 100’s of others. They’ve done zero research on me.

One call I did take went like this. The guy pitched me a sophisticated software program for employees starting at 100 users.  I laughed…out loud.

me: That’s fabulous. BUT there’s one catch.

caller: What’s that?

me: How many employees do you think I have?

caller: stumbling around…”Well you’re on my list of small businesses around 500 employees.

me: There in lies the problem. Don’t trust your list. Do your research. and know who you’re talking too. I am a solopreneur with one, part time employee.

He hung up!

Before leaving a voice message, or making a call to a buyer, know who you’re talking to. I can’t emphasise this enough.

Which leads me to the next tip…


I can see the eyes rolling as I write this.

SCRIPTS? No way! (you’re saying). I wrote an article on Why I Use Scripts.  Go ahead and read it, then come back here.

I’m testing scripts all the time. The one below seems to be a winner for me when cold calling. Copy the script down and adapt it to your industry and product.

Mr. Prospect, this is Christine Harrington with the Savvy Sales Lady.

The reason for my call, (lower voice and pause) I help companies in your industry to increase their close rates by 15-30%. If you give me 3 minutes, I’ll give you 3 examples of companies I’ve helped.

My number is …….


Guidelines when leaving a voice message:

  • state your full name, and the company you represent.
  • leave your phone number slowly at the end -twice.
  • keep the voice message between 15-25 seconds.
  • learn 5 Keys to Craft the Best Voice Message…here

Make it personal. I say in my voice message “your industry” to make it personal. I don’t state a specific industry, just “your” industry.

#5 Offer enough insights to make them curious to want to learn more.

Add how you can help his business to create curiosity. 

I say “to increase their close rates by 15-30%.”

AND…I have evidence to back up what I am saying with case studies showing how I improve sales. 15-30% is low balling. My actual numbers are more like 30-48%. Why don’t I say that? Because until the prospect sees’s the proof, they’ll find 30-48% number hard to believe. 

I back up my claim with proof offering not only valuable insights but the evidence I may be able to help his sales team too.

give me 3 minutes, I’ll give you 3 examples of companies I’ve helped.

My only goal is to get a call back to set an appointment. That should be your only goal too when cold calling.

Your Power lies in your voice message. Script it. Practice it over and over until you can recite it easily and effortlessly. 

RECAP on Powerful Way to Get a Prospect to Call You Back

  • -Only focus on what you’re responsible for
  • -Leave an intriguing voice message.
  • -Offer insights.

Twinkle your fingers across the keyboard and leave a comment below if you’re willing to follow these suggestions.

I love reading your comments. I do these blog posts because I’m passionate about helping you get to the next level in sales and in life. When you master sales, you master life! 

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