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Relentless. Look at Your Current Sales and Determine if Relentless Fits!

Relentless. Look at Your Current Sales and Determine if Relentless Fits! 

We appreciate stories about people that have been hit hard by life and knocked down but seem to get up and try again. We have watched people fail, but come back even stronger. We see it in sports, in business, in education, and in life.We appreciate people who do not give up. That’s what it means to be relentless.

And we hear so often that we need to be relentless, mentally tough, and resilient in life. But are you relentless in your sales life?

Relentless. Look at Your Current Sales and Determine if Relentless Fits! 

John Wooden is one of the most revered college coaches of all times. He once said

“Winning takes talent; to repeat takes character.”

What would you think if John Wooden instead said “Winning takes luck; to repeat is nothing more than luck too.

Say what?

Can you imagine a famous college coach who simply says it’s ok to give up because it’s all just dumb luck anyhow? Nor would John Wooden! 

Yet…that’s what you tell yourself.

Hey it’s 3:00. It’s ok to stop working towards my sales goals, I’ve done enough today.

John Wooden would say

“Don’t measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability.”

Does stopping your work day at 3:00 sound like a good idea now?

It boils down to this….

How much significance do you assign to being relentless in your sales life.

The word Relent means to abandon. We don’t accept people to relent in certain areas of life…like the military or law enforcement, or the Super Bowl!

We’d never accept our child relenting to mediocre grades in school.

We’d never accept a coach relenting a game because the team is losing and there’s only 3 min. left to play.

We’d never accept a employee who relents to missing deadlines.

Yet, how often do you relent in your sales life? How often do you cave and call it a day?

In other words, you’ve gone soft. When was the last time you cried about your product or it’s Friday and no one wants to see you because it’s Friday. Is that really true or are you just capitulating….again…holding up the white flag of surrender!

When things get hard and your sale life gets tough, do you prove your worth? Do you get in there an become relentless? Do you show others that you are committed and mentally tough? Do You stand tall in the fire and don’t give up.

Look at these sales statistics…

• 48% of sales people never follow up with a prospect

• 25% of sales people make a second contact and stop

• 12% of sales people only make three contacts and stop

DO these stats sound like a relentless mindset to you?

I’m talking to you about being relentless in your sales life. Being truly dedicated and committed.

If you see everyone else on your sales team leaving at 3:00 on Friday…you be the exception and you stay and make more phone calls. You be relentless about your sales life.

If you see everyone else hopping on the social media bandwagon abandoning prospecting… you be relentless about prospecting even more!

If you see so many people just throwing up their hands giving in and giving up, or not doing the right thing…you be the one to step up and lead.

You must not give in to the social sales trends because it’s easier to hide behind email, or twitter and pretend it really works.

Instead you got to be real and admit to yourself that you’re hiding, being soft when you should be risking and out in the world, meeting real people, selling face to face,  being relentless. Get out from behind your laptop and go meet your prospects. 

We are called to be relentless, bold, and mentally tough in our sales life.

Here’s another stellar John Wooden quote.

“Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.”

Success doesn’t come to the weak minded and soft. Why do you accept relenting in matters of selling?

I say “Sales is a journey, not a quick trip around the block.”

Those who achieve success, who crush their sales goals, are the ones, during the silence of the day with no-one watching, relentlessly grind out the work that…..                       N O O N E E L S E  will do.

At the end of the year…they know they will be holding the trophy.

What are your thoughts on relentless? Will you comment below? I’d love to read them!

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