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Sales Framework vs. Selling System ? Which Is Best?

Sales Framework vs Selling System? Which is Best? Find the Answer Below

Sales Framework vs Selling System? Which is Best? 

Do you fight against a selling system? So did I. In fact when I decided to chuck the selling system my sales improved!

When I’m in front of an audience at a workshop I’ll ask, “Raise your hand if you’ve been taught a selling system?” Usually most hands go up.

Then I say, “Your boss isn’t in this workshop. Keep your hand raised if you’re still using a selling system on a sales call.” Almost all hands go down. There’s always a few left that slowly lower their hand, nervously looking around the room for the boss!

I get it.

Over the course of my 40 years selling in corporate America, I was taught 5 different selling systems. Each one was more confusing than the next. I became lost in the entire selling system trying to keep track of the next step instead of connecting and engaging with the buyer. That’s why I’m against selling systems.

Systems are too focused on…well..the system.

You may be asking right now…Christine, what are you saying?

I’m saying instead use a sales framework. A sales framework needs to be flexible, and structured around the buyer’s needs and problems. Instead of selling, be a problem solver. Replace telling with asking fascinating questions.

The Logical Framework Sequence
  • An opening agenda on why you’re meeting, and asking the buyer what she would like to discuss. (See my article on this conversation here).
  • A list of compelling questions focused on the buyer’s issues and needs.
  • A list of questions that requires the buyer to answer in a way that leads to benefit discussions. (See my article here)
  • Ask for the sale…expect the no and prepare the buyer for a yes.
  • OR if this leads to a second meeting with all decision makers, ask for the meeting and who will attend.

If you get an objection, don’t try to over come it…instead manage it. Listen to the objection then loop back to a question that will lead the discussion to a benefit that either manages his objection or can solve his issue. What you’re doing is slowly dripping benefits one at a time through questions and managing objections. You’re helping the buyer to come to his own conclusion, which is, your product is the right product to solve his issues.

Doesn’t this seem easier?

There’s one last component. HARD WORK! You got to do the research, preparation, structure and practice…for each sales meeting.

No elite sales pro has every become elite without hard work.

Let me take it up a notch. The process of the sales framework, and structure has one driving factor…your belief in what you do. Your belief in yourself and selling will determine your framework.

How you feel about selling, how you feel about yourself, how you live life will reflect your beliefs.

My belief about selling is:
  • I want to help as many people as possible to be their very best at selling.
  • I love what I do and strive to do my best.
  • I give value first.
  • I develop genuine long-term relationships with everyone.
  • I strive to help people see the fun in selling and helping others.

My belief has helped me become a better person and a better salesperson, coach and trainer.

How about you? Do you have a belief about selling? Do you have a sales framework? Create both and you’ll take a giant step forward in your sales career.

Leave your answers in the comment section below. I so appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with me and the community! 

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