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I don’t know if you read your local news lately, but did you hear about the fight that broke out at Red Lobster?

Yeah..two fish were battered!

(My poor attempt at a joke!)

Sell By Design Savvy Awareness

There’s two parts of savvy awareness in sales…and it’s has nothing to do with two battered fish! I promise! Let’s begin with the two different types of “savvy “awareness” that’s necessary for closing a sale.

In the first post and video we talked about the analysis of the needs and wants…If you missed it you can read it here.

The first part of savvy awareness is about identifying one or more specific needs, the sales person…YOU must articulate the needs back to the buyer.

Savvy Sales Clue: Many sales people make the mistake of assuming they know all the buyers needs. Articulating back to the buyer will gain acceptance and uncover more needs. 

The second part of savvy awareness is the buyer must understand and agree with you on their specific needs. This requires active listening on your part and the prospects because the light bulb must go on in your mind in order for you to understand, then articulate the need to the prospect.

Now…I know that seems rather obvious…BUT many times, sales people (not you of course) get ahead of themselves. They begin to move towards closing the sale instead of continuing to think or be aware of more needs to uncover.

So how do you do this…the same way you uncover needs analysis….you ask compelling questions.

In order to ask compelling questions…you have to actively

  • Listen
  • Think
  • Articulate back to the buyer.

Instead of focusing on your agenda (closing the sale) you need to focus on being aware of possibly uncovering more needs. Even if a buyer comes to you, that doesn’t mean the buyer won’t change his mind and not buy. It doesn’t mean that the buyer knows all his needs.

If you haven’t

  • Identified all the needs or at the very least, the most important need
  • Articulate the need to the buyer,

Chances are the buyer will walk.

Personal Story:

The year was 2001. At that time, I was selling Medicare supplements. The company I worked for often received call from people who just turned 65 looking to purchase Medicare supplements.

I was next on the list to receive a lead, so off I went to meet with the couple to sell them a Medicare supplement.

When I arrived, another sales person was leaving…that had me puzzled since the couple said they were only interested in buying from my company. (First mistake)

The couple lead me to their kitchen table and I began setting up my presentation. As soon as I began, the husband started shooting holes through the Medicare supplement product. I answered his first objection, then sat back until he exhausted himself from ranting about the entire insurance industry and how it’s all a rip off. So what I thought was a sure thing going in, I came out the Battered FISH!

(see…I did tie it all together!)

I felt filleted, floured, fried and chewed up by the time I left. I now understood the look on the sales man face I passed early!

That’s the day I learned that no sale is a sure thing even if they call you!

SO let’s recap

-Actively listen for more possible needs by asking compelling questions.

-Focus on the buyer not on your agenda!

-Articulate back to the buyer the needs in order to gain his approval.

In the 3rd post of this series and in video #3 we’ll talk about the Savvy Solution!


What are your tips on how you actively listen? Please share with the community in the comments section below!

Savvy Sales Tip: When asking a compelling question, let the buyer talk. When he has stopped talking, pause for 5 seconds before you begin talking again. Often times the buyer is collecting his thoughts and has not finished. Don’t jump in and start talking to fill the silence….wait…1…..2…..3……4……5 seconds. 9 times out of 10, the buyer will begin talking again before the 5 seconds is up! I call it the 5 second rule. Try it and tell me your experience below in the comments!

And for more tips…watch the video below!







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