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4 Tips on How to Sell During COVID19

4 Tips on How to Sell During COVID19

Truth Time...I've been avoiding this subject How to Sell During COVID19. WHY? Because I'm sure you'll agree, you can't go through an entire day without someone telling you what to do during the #stayathome orders.

Over the last week, several people have reached out asking for suggestions. A few sell senior products in the insurance marketplace and back in the day, I sold senior insurance products.  I can only imagine how difficult it is to sell over the phone since this product usually requires a face to face meeting.

In this article, you'll learn 4 tips on how to sell during COVID19, especially how I would sell senior products in this current environment. As a matter of fact, this will be useful for anyone who uses a presentation to sell face to face.

Tip #1 Sell During COVID19 by Planning a Live Social Media Event

Yes, start with planning a live event either through FaceBook, Periscope, or Zoom. Don't think because someone is 65 years old or over, they will not have the tech-savvy to attend a social media event! I'll be 65 in May, God willing and I'm very tech-savvy! An 85-year-old woman I know is doing cooking shows on Facebook! So yes, seniors are tech-savvy.

If you decide to host live events on Facebook, make sure it's your business page, especially if your personal page is littered with sentiments that may not be professional. I'm sure that's not the case with you!

Plan the live event a week in advance to give you time to do appropriate follow-up. In this article, I'm not going to walk you through how to set up a live event on the various social media platforms, but there are some key strategies to remember.

  • Do a test before the event in order to check the lighting and sound.
  • Shoot a video of yourself so you'll know what you look like on camera. Ladies, you may need to add a little more makeup because light will drain the color.
  • Lighting is especially important. Shooting with a window behind you requires a very strong light in front of you and behind the camera. It's easier to shoot with a window in front of you and behind the camera.
  • For the most flattering view, always elevate your laptop or smartphone, so you're looking up at the camera and not looking down into the camera. You've seen those videos where the person is looking down displaying double and triple chins!
  • Write out a script for the presentation. Every webinar I've ever done, I've followed a script. Why? So I don't ramble on and on wasting time and boring the audience!
  • Simplify your presentation in order to keep the event under 30 minutes.
  • Then..Practice, Practice, Practice!

Tip #2 Follow Up is the Key to a Successful Event

You've decided on a date to launch your live social media event. Now is the time to do an immense amount of follow-up to make sure seats are filled for the event. Limit the number of people you will personally invite to 5-8 people, especially if you sell insurance products. I know what you're thinking...that's not enough, what if they don't show up? By personally inviting each person to the event, and doing the follow-up I suggest, it's likely they will attend.

  • Personally invite every person by phone. Leaving a voice message doesn't count, you must talk to them to begin building trust and a relationship.
  • Follow-up immediately after you've talked to them with an email invitation that has links connecting to the event. You might want to use Eventbrite or other tools such as Zoom's invitation system if you're launching a Zoom event.
  • Then send a handwritten invitation with a personal note.
  • The day before the event, be sure to call them as a reminder and to reconnect. You can leave a voice message but ideally, a short conversation to continue to build trust and a relationship is ideal.
  • On the day of the event, send a reminder email.

Tip #3 Plant the Seed to Buy

Buying through a live social media event can be daunting when selling senior insurance products. So it's important that the seed has been planted at the end of the presentation and sprinkled throughout, you WILL  follow up with them the next day. You can say..

  • "I'll try and answer all your questions at the end and then call you about what's best for your situation"
  • "Tomorrow, you can count on me to give you a call to answer your questions, however, I can certainly call right after this presentation if that's convenient for you."

At the end of the presentation, give three options to buy. People like choices, and if you only present one choice and they say've had nothing else to offer.


Refrain from saying, "if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me." This is a typical rookie sales speech. It's your responsibility as a sales pro to always be the one following up. Tell them when you will be following up and how to prepare for your follow up call.

Last Tip

If you're uncomfortable about doing the 4 tips on how to sell during COVID19, then get your feet wet by holding individual live events. Once you've done enough individual events, you'll be an old pro and can invite more people. In my opinion, FaceBook and Zoom are the better options to launch live events. Keep in mind, when you're on Facebook anyone can hop on a live event UNLESS you create a closed group page that requires an invitation. And as I type this...I think that's the better option..create a closed group page to hold your live events!

I'd love to know how your live events turned out! Drop me an email or just let me know in the message box below.

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