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Set Asking GOal

If You’re Struggling in Sales, Try This..Set an Asking Goal

If You’re Struggling in Sales, Try This..

Set Asking Goal

If you’re in sales, you’ve no doubt set sales goals, prospecting goals and cold calling goals. In this article, I’m proposing you look at it in a different way, by making a mindset shift and set an ASKING goal.

Your sales week should be filled, at a minimum, with 5-10 face to face sales appointments, luncheon meetings, breakfast meetings, network meetings, selling opportunities and more!  Is this the way your week looks?  If it doesn’t, set an asking goal. Decide you’ll ask 20 people this week for the following…

Set Asking Goal

  1. A referral
  2. A breakfast meeting
  3. A luncheon meeting
  4. A coffee meeting
  5. A sales appointment
  6. Go with you to a networking event
  7. Introduce you to someone at the networking event
  8. Allow you to quote his/her business
  9. Give you a video testimonial
  10. Give you a reference
  11. Connect with you on LinkedIn
  12. Connect you with one of their business relationships
  13. Who are all the decision makers
  14. Who’s the right person to talk to when making a phone cold call
  15. In a cold call to be transferred to the CEO of the company.
  16. Serve on the membership committee at an industry association meeting
  17. Volunteer to speak at a community event or at an industry meeting
  18. Lead a sales meeting at your company
  19. Train during a department sales meeting
  20. Write a sales article for your local newspaper or industry magazine

Can you imagine the increased sales opportunities you’ll create by just doing one simple action…A S K !

Imagine how implementing these 20 asking opportunities could impact your week…your month! How do you think this would change the course of your sales? You know the would have a massive impact on your business because after 20 ASKING opportunities…you now have 20 YESES!

Turn this idea into a challenge, or a game. ASK a coworker to do this challenge with you. ASK your boss to present this idea at the next sales meeting and enroll the entire sales team in an ASKING contest. Make it fun. Brainstorm on more ASKING opportunities to add to the list.

Why is this important? So many times during the sales process, well meaning sales people get all the way to the end, and never ask for the sale. They freeze! It’s a waste of the prospect’s time and the sales persons time.

Also, many sales people only focus on the sale as an ASKING opportunity. When in reality, your day should be filled with different kinds of ASKING opportunities which will have real impact on your sales.

Asking Opportunities

If you’re a sales person who struggles with asking, this is a great exercise to focus on ASKING opportunities instead of focusing on your fear of rejection.

Look at the list and decide what is the easiest yes you can get.

Perhaps it’s asking a buddy to a network meeting. Start your ASKING opportunity there. Then go right to the next easiest  opportunity. Once you get that yes…keep going to build momentum. It seems to be so true that when you’re on a roll, keep rolling!

Set Asking Goal

Accelerate your ASKING opportunities by doing all 20 in one day. Set aside a time, perhaps 2 hours to block off on your calendar, and close your office door. Pick up the phone and start ASKING! I’ve personally done this exercise in less than 2 hours.

After reading this article on LinkedIn, Alice Heiman said this…

“Love this! Great advice. In fact make a calendar and put one of these on each day to remind yourself”

What a fascinating suggestion from Alice!


Set Asking Goal

When you feel stuck, this is an excellent exercise to start getting results again. A Yes feels successful. So start building on those successes by using the ASKING opportunity exercise. Before you know it, you’ll be back in your groove!

What other ASKING opportunities can you add to the list? Will you share yours in the comment section below. I’d love to read them.

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