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Social Media. Should You? Read Before You Dismiss This Article.

Before you dismiss this article on social media as one you don’t need to read…think again…because this article applies to you. I hear from so many people…

“I don’t need to do social media..I’m not _____” (fill in the blank)…you know the lame story you tell yourself.

Why am I on Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook? It may surprise you as to why. And it may also surprise you to learn; I’ve been on social media for only a couple of years. But I’m glad I finally came around.

It took me two years to learn what I now know about LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, & Instagram. I’m still learning about Facebook. I haven’t cracked that nut yet…but I will.

So why spend so much of my time learning social media? Because it’s another tool I can use in my business to gain exposure. I don’t sell…I tell a story.

Social Media. Should You? 

Social media is not a get rich quick strategy that so many 20 year olds with no real experience claim they can teach. Yes, the snake oil salesman is younger and in different clothes selling their gimmicks.

Those that got on the social media bandwagon during its inception 10-15 years ago are reaping its rewards. But for the most part, the social media highway is so crowded, I’m not even a speck on the road and I’m just fine with that.

So here’s the breakdown:

LinkedIn: 2002

Facebook: 2004

YouTube: 2005

Twitter: 2006

Instagram: 2010

Snapchat: 2011

And there are many more, Meerkat, Periscope, etc.

The Social Why

So why am I on social media? Because it’s a place I can send prospects and clients to see my work, see what I create and to see my story. It’s a business tool. That’s why I don’t fret over how many followers I have or the number of likes I get on a post.

For most of my life I’ve sold insurance products representing various insurance companies over the years. Less than a handful exist today; General Casualty, The Hartford, Delta Dental and Principle Insurance. All the others I worked for merged into other insurance companies and no longer exist.

For a short time, I worked in the leasing industry, making deals for million-dollar CNC machinery. That was a fun job, but short lived when the industry became more regulated, and brokers were squeezed out of the industry.

Why am I telling you this? Because if social media had existed during the day, it would have been easier to stay in contact with business relationships. Now, during the age of social media, every once in awhile, an old business contact will find me. It’s always fun when that happens.

Social media started out as a fun personal thing to do, but it quickly became a business resource for those who saw the value in how social media could move their businesses beyond the brick and mortar shops.

Social media is more than tweeting quotes out or posting a funny Chuck Norris meme on Facebook. (I like Chuck Norris meme’s so please send them to me!)

Learning how to optimize your social media network will move you beyond your competition into a realm that can create a movement. Your Movement. It legitimizes you as a sale pro, and earns you credibility. That’s why my friends, you need to be on social media. And don’t just wing it …study it. Learn it. Create your brand. Then repeat it because it’s not going away.

Homes are being bought over Twitter. Million dollar apartments are being sold through Instagram in NYC. Under Armour YouTube videos are exploding and going viral while there’s no mention of  ‘buy Under Armour‘…but they tell a heck of a story through their videos. Watch this one on Michael Phelps.

In 6 months the Michael Phelps Under Armour video has over 11 million views. What do you think that one video did for Under Armour sales and they never mentioned to buy their product!  Crazy good! I love this video too, because it tells a story of an athlete working hard, often day at a time to achieve his GOLD..I bet I’ve watched this video a million times! Under Armour is telling a story instead of selling.

Tweet this!  new-twitter-bird-square

Here’s the biggest mistake people make on social media…they create one thing and post it to every social media account they’re on. Wrong!
Different Message for Different Social Platform

Every social media platform needs a different message, targeting a different audience. That’s why it’s important to study social media, & try a few things to test it. Follow Under Armour on all the different social media channels and you’ll see what I mean.

Another mistake people make is automatic messages. Stop…the point of social media is to connect. You can’t connect with someone that’s following you through an automatic message. Be real. Do your own tweets, your own posts and engage with your followers. I respond to all my social networks. I respond to all my own emails. I reply to comments on my posts. I don’t have a VA doing it for me or an automatic system. All my followers and subscribers were grown organically through social media platforms and different blogs and podcasts I’ve been invited on. I never have and never will buy followers or subscribers. Nor will I ever add someone as a subscriber without his or her consent. I want to keep everything and everyone based on integrity, community and respect.

Does social media take time? Yes, it takes time. Yes it’s worth it. Yes, it does bring in business. And I’m still learning everyday how to optimize social media in order to help more people become savvy at selling. Social Media is a legitimate business tool. It’s time you learn to use it.

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