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The Story of LeeAnn Who Turned Her Sales Slump Around in 5 Sessions.

LeeAnn came to me for help while in the midst of a sales slump. She had been a top producer year after year, but lately, she couldn’t sell a bone to a hungry dog!

In 5 sessions working with LeeAnn, her sales turned completely around. She did the hard work and hasn’t stopped selling since!

How can you turn your sales around especially when you’re stuck in a valley?

The Story of LeeAnn who turned her sales slump around in 5 Sessions.

When stuck in the valley of a sales slump, many times the mud is so thick you start to believe you’ll be there forever. That’s what LeeAnn believed too.

And being stuck starts in your mind which directs your actions. In your mind, you feel you’re working constantly and going nowhere, but in reality, your actions prove otherwise. 

Beliefs are a funny thing…beliefs are a perception that may or may not be true.

Here’s my favorite definition of belief:

Confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof.”

Step One: Investigate Beliefs. 

Was the belief true LeeAnn was never going to sell again?

We went back over and examined her years when she was successfully selling. She found other periods when she hit the valley. This time she felt was different because she stayed in the valley longer. However, the part I asked her to focus on was the fact she did climb out of the valley and became successful at selling again.

If you climb out of the valley once, you can do it again. So LeeAnn’s belief that “this time is different” was an untrue belief.

I bet you’ve said that too.

Step Two: Gather evidence of past successes

Gathering evidence on even the smallest successes is a good practice to record. It’s a visible tool to review and reflect on when feeling frustrated.

LeeAnn completely stopped recognizing even the smallest successes she had achieved.

Every day, take a few moments to record your successes in a journal. Over the weeks and months, patterns will begin to emerge as you record and review. Recognizing patterns will help raise your level of awareness on behaviors that help you succeed and those that sabotage your success.

You might be thinking..duh..I know that. However other “sales coaches, sales managers, sales guru” focus on more activity, more hustle, more grind…more MORE MORE!

When in fact, grinding away and getting nowhere leads to burnout, depression and the valley of sales slump!

That’s why it’s more important to focus on getting your head on straight than focusing on more sales activity!

I can’t stress this enough. Just recently I heard a well-known sales leader, (who constantly promotes his book!) bemoaning about the salespeople he coaches and trains. According to his assessment, they don’t have enough sales activity. His solution to fix their sales slumps? More activity!


What prevents salespeople from selling more or from having more activity is the stories they tell themselves.

So the first part absolutely needs to be addressing their mindset. After their mindset is back on track, they will naturally motivate themselves to want more sales activities.

And that’s exactly what happened to LeeAnn. I’m so proud of her. She did everything I asked and she worked hard challenging herself and her beliefs! 

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