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Selling the wrong product

Take This Simple Test to Discover if You’re Selling the Wrong Product!

Many times I hear from salespeople when I asked if they’re selling the “right product”…

“What difference does it make what I sell? Selling is selling!”

My good friend Jack brought this to light recently as we were walking on the indoor track at the gym.

Jack: “What do you think of Brian Tracy, Chris”

Me:  ”I love his work and have practically all his books.”

Jack: “He changed my life”

Me:    “He changed your life! How? 

Jack shared that back in the late ’80’s he was selling Cadillacs at a local Cadillac dealership. He wasn’t necessarily unhappy with the work, but he wanted more.

On his way driving to Chicago to look at a Maaco franchise, he listened to a series of Brian Tracy cassette tapes when Brian explained something that Jack never considered before.

Jack told me that one thing haunted him and he didn’t listen to the rest of the tape series.

He said what Brian Tracy explained he knew in his heart was correct. 

” It took me months to come to accept Brian Tracy’s theory and I knew I must make a change.”

Jack left selling Cadillacs and enrolled in classes to become a stockbroker…decades later, Jack is one of the most well respected and successful stockbrokers in Indianapolis.

That “one thing” Brian Tracy said changed the course of Jack’s career!

What changed?

Jack’s belief?

No. He believed in his abilities.

What changed is the product he sold. Jack aligned deeper with being a stockbroker than selling cars or buying a franchise.

Are you selling the wrong product?

Take This Simple Test to Discover if You’re Selling the Wrong Product!

Brian Tracy states 

“choosing the product or service to sell is very much like dating or getting married. There has to be the right chemistry or it won’t work.”

In other words…the product you sell must be compatible with your personality.

If you find yourself as an average salesperson and after evaluation of your performance you just can’t put your finger on the problem, it may be your simply not compatible with the “type” of product you’re selling.

There are two types of products. Tangible and Intangible.

Take this simple test to see which is best for your personality.

Tangible Products:

Tangible products are those that are physical. You can see, touch, taste and hold. Examples are cars, furniture, clothes, food, computers, tools, etc.

Here are questions to ask yourself to determine if tangible products are right for you.

  1. *Do you like working with your hands and deal with products that you can touch and feel?
  2. Is your major interest in concrete products or things like computers vs. software sales?

If so, you enjoy describing products and relating to products that you can feel. You’re suited for tangible selling.

Intangible Products:

An intangible product is something that you can’t touch, such as insurance products, financial services products, software sales, stockbroker or educational and training services. You’re selling concepts and ideas.

Real Estate investment is more an intangible product than tangible because you’re selling an investment idea.

Here are questions to ask yourself to determine if intangible products are right for you.

  1. *Do you like philosophy, psychology or metaphysics?
  2. Do you enjoy discussing religion or politics?

If so, you enjoy concepts and discussing ideas which are best suited for intangible sales.

If you’ve discovered you’re selling the wrong product, then you’ll never be completely happy or successful if you continue to sell something that is not aligned with your personality.

Back to my friend Jack.

He was selling a tangible product, cars and discovered through Brian Tracy’s cassette series, he was more aligned with concepts and ideas, intangible products. Jack was successful at selling Cadillacs but it was not a challenge to him. It was just a job selling Cadillacs.

Once he stubbornly admitted Brian Tracy was right, he became a stockbroker…a field that aligned with his love for concepts.

And Jack soared in his new field being challenged on all levels. He told me to this day, he still gets excited about the stock market.

As Brian Tracy states in his book The Art of Closing the Sale

“When you are selling the right thing for you, you will become involved emotionally. It will excite you and interest you.”

And you’ll want to tell the world what you’re selling! 

Give this some thought as my friend Jack did and see if you come to the same conclusion or a different one. Let me know in the comments below, are you tangible or intangible? And I’m sure it will come as no surprise to reveal, I’m aligned with Intangible! 

*The Art of Closing the Sale

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