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Turn Your Sales Weakness into a Sales Strength

Turn Your Sales Weakness into a Sales Strength the Michael Jordan Way

How to Develop the Michael Jordan Philosophy of Winning for Sales

Many of you know the story of Michael Jordan, growing up in North Carolina. Jordan couldn’t make his high school varisty basketball team. Then how in the world did he become the greatest basketball player of all times?

It’s not just the fact that Jordan trained harder and longer in high school than anyone else on the team, because he did and still all that hard work didn’t land him a playing spot on the varsity team. Instead, Jordan was assigned to the junior varsity team. So when he pressed the coach on why he failed, his coach told him his free throw record was weak.

In a world where we are constantly told to focus on our sales strengths not our sales weakness, this is counter to what Jordan did. You may be reading this thinking…’Come on..that’s sports, it’s different in the world of sales.’ Is it? Keep reading.

Jordan practiced his free throw, every day for 10 years! He made 500 free throws every day. He didn’t shoot 500 free throws but kept shooting until he made 500 free throws before he'd allow himself to go to bed.

Jordan turned his biggest weakness into his best skill. People often mistake “talent” as a natural gift requiring less effort than people who are not as talented. Talent is developed through hard work, and turning weaknesses into strengths.

When entering college, Jordan concentrated on another weakness, his fade away shot. He applied the same philosophy he used to develop his free throw shot. As a result when he entered the NBA Jordan had mastered the fade away shot to the point it became his trademark. You would have thought Jordan invented the fade away!

Turn Your Sales Weakness into a Sales Strength

Study any successful talent, whether in sports, art, music, or business and you know they never created a masterpiece or mastered their profession on their first try. Knowing this, why do you hold yourself at a higher standard?

For example, sales professionals will not cold call because of a myriad of reasons, which are nothing more than excuses for an undeveloped skill.

Question: When was the last time you sat down and identified your selling skill weaknesses and made a plan to turn the weakness into your best skill?

A world class athlete would never ignore a weakness. If you want to be a world class sales professional in your world, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work turning your weaknesses into strengths. Jordan didn’t go to bed until he made 500 free throws. Think how different your sales would be if you made a commitment to make 500 prospecting calls a day!

Chris Gardner 2011

If you’re thinking this is impossible, I’ll remind you of the movie Pursuit of Happyness. In one scene it shows Chris Gardner making 700 calls a day. In an interview, Chris shared this was commonplace.

You never know the fruits of your efforts until you put it to the test. I don't mean for a day or a week but consistently throughout 2020. Why not? What better way than to practice each and every day. Turn your sales weakness into a sales strength.


Turn Your Sales Weakness into a Sales Strength by Being Willing to Transform

First, It’s essential that you have the willingness to transform. Why? Because most people don’t want to know their weaknesses. When was the last time you had a honest conversation with yourself about your weaknesses? In my coaching practice, on occasion, I see people refusing to look at their weaknesses to the point, they blame me when I point it out to them. This is a classic sign of mediocrity, when you won’t admit that you could be or are wrong by not facing it, or by ignoring a weakness shown to you. Unless you take responsibility for your actions or lack of actions, you won't be able to transform a weakness into a strength.

It takes a growth mindset to transform. Human nature naturally leads you to do the things you're good at. That's why your tendency is to set your sales day up to do the activities you enjoy, and procrastinate about the activities you don't enjoy. My guess is you don't enjoy certain activities because you're not good at them. The path of least resistence is to avoid those unpleasant activites. And you'll invent stories to support your procrastination! Instead of avoiding, doesn't it make more sense to develop a plan to transform the weakest activities into your strongest activites? Here's how to do that.

Turn Your Sales Weakness into a Sales Strength by Changing your Sales Habits

If you want to change your sales life in 2020, you must change your sales habits. Study yourself for a day. What weaknesses surfaced through out the day?

Out of those weaknesses, what is the number one weakness that you could turn into your greatest strength?

Successful people know their weaknesses. And so far, your strengths may be getting you by. But how long will that last, especially if you want to hit the next level. If you want to hit the next level it’s crucial that you start focusing, identifying and creating a plan to develop each weakness that’s holding you back.

When a weakness is turned into a strength, your future becomes bigger than your past. 

If you want to build a bigger future, it’s time to begin implementing the Michael Jordan philosophy of winning by tackling your weaknesses.

If you need help with this, I’m only a phone call away.

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