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What Blocks You and Your Sales Success?

What Blocks You and Your Sales Success?

You may recall I wrote an article Do Referrals Drop in Your Lap…well sales success never drops in your lap either!

Here’s the thing…you don’t need to be brilliant or even a genius to be a sales success. Being average will get you there if you avoid doing this one thing that I bet your competitors do quite often.

Let me give you some examples.

Three Common Mistakes that Block Sales Success


I wish I had a dollar for every time a sales professional abandoned a prospect because of a lack of response. I’d be a wealthy woman now sipping cocktails on a beach in the Caribbean Islands!


And the same goes for the sale leaders who change directions during the year because sales goals have been increased, once again!


Or how about this…not paying attention to an asset you have sitting in your CRM..buyers who haven’t bought yet. You know…the list of prospects you have which you’ve done nothing with because of assumptions you’ve made about them or you haven’t gotten around to them. There’s gold in your CRM.

Remember, people buy when it suits them, not when it suits you.

These are all examples of stupid mistakes made by well meaning sales professionals and by people who don’t understand the psychology of selling.

Like I said in the beginning of this article, you don’t need to be brilliant or a genius. Just stay away from the three common mistakes listed above.

Common Mistake

Here’s another common mistake that I’ve talked about many times and I’m going to shine a bright light on it again…

What are you really spending your time on each and every day?

I hear constantly in coaching calls…”I’m really busy Christine.” Yet, they can’t give examples of what “really busy” looks like. And those that do give me details; the examples have nothing to do with selling activities…it’s all “busy” work.

Here’s a challenge I give to my coaching clients. For one day, write down every activity you do throughout the course of the day. You’ll shock yourself when only 20% or less of the day is devoted to selling activities. I define selling activities as face to face selling appointments, and prospecting phone calls. Sending a follow-up email is not selling…don’t fool yourself into believing otherwise.

If only 20% of the day is devoted to selling activities don’t be surprised when at the end of the year you’ve miss your sales goal.

Who You are is Where You are

Let me ask this question. Which prospects in your CRM are the most difficult to influence?

I bet it’s the CEO.

To get the elevated position of CEO consider the years of work experience, education and leadership skills they’ve developed. All of this gives the CEO a wealth of information and experience in making decisions. Is it any wonder CEOs are reluctant to be swayed from their choices?

But here’s the larger issue you must examine. Are they CEO for self-serving or other-serving reasons? Other-serving defined as the company and it’s success.

You see…who we are with our choices is where we are in the moment before the choice.

Right now you may be thinking, how can I possibly know where the CEO is the moment before the choice! If you’ve abandoned your prospecting efforts, you’ll miss the moment. But…

Remember, people buy when it suits them, not when it suits you.

What I am describing is called attentional focus. The focus of the individual’s attention at a particular moment. Who you are is where you are.

And your language has much to do with what level in an organization you’ll sell to. If you focus on your product, you’ll mostly likely speak to a lower-level manager. If you speak on a high level about issues that matter to the C-suite, you’ll stay in that level.

CEOs have a vision for the direction of the company. Therefore it’s important that you speak to solutions you can provide to help the CEO realize the vision.


  • Reexamine who you're prospecting against where you should be prospecting? Is the middle tier manager really the right person or should you be prospecting the C-Suite?
  • Examine your language. Are you only focused on selling a  product when you should be focused on presenting solutions? Review the buyers attentional focus.
  • Reengage those prospects you’ve abandoned. The time may be suited now for the buyer to buy.

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