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What Does The Patriots Winning the Super Bowl Have to Do With Selling?

What Does The Patriots Winning the Super Bowl Have to Do With Selling?

What Does The Patriots Winning the Super Bowl Have to Do With Selling?              

The Super Bowl LI was just played recently, on Feb. 5th, 2017. The Patriots vs the Falcons.  If you watched it, you know the Patriot’s come back was incredible.

Now, ya’ll know I live in Colts Country, so I was NOT cheering  for our arch rival, the Patriots. At half time my son declared the game over. However, I told Luke..”not so fast…Tom Brady is NOT going to lose this game. Just watch.”

“More than 30 team and individual Super Bowl records were either broken or matched in Super Bowl LI. The Patriots overcame a 25-point deficit to win (they trailed 28–3 with 2:07 left in the third quarter), breaking the record for the largest deficit overcome to win the Super Bowl (the previous record was ten points, which was set during Super Bowl XXII and later matched twice, including by the Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX).” (source)

Do you think Tom Brady has clarity about who he is? Do you think the Patriots as a team has clarity about who they are? The Patriots knew they were Super Bowl winners…good grief, they’d already won 4 previous Super Bowls!

The Patriots had certainty. They were intentional about winning. They had the skill. They certainly had the strategies from Belichick. And they had the experience of consistency!

“Super Bowl LI was the Patriots’ record-setting ninth Super Bowl appearance, their second in the previous three seasons, and their seventh under the leadership of head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady.” (source)

This is why they won their 5th Super Bowl.

What Does The Patriots Winning the Super Bowl Have to Do With Selling? 

In your world of selling, are you the Patriots or the Falcons? How’s your clarity? Do you get up in the morning and stumble through it, getting your coffee, rushing to get to work? Are you intentional about your day because you know who your are? Some people go through decades of their life, stumbling through day after day, with no strategy, or intention, not knowing the best of who they are. Finally one day, they wake up and find themselves in full crisis mode…mid life crisis asking themselves…who am I really?

OR Have you ever noticed that you’re not consistent?

Some days you set the world on fire, others days the world is dragging you THROUGH the fire!

On the days you’ve set the world on fire, your attitude is high and your performance is even higher.

Then on the days that the world is dragging you, you have a hard time keeping focused. Your attitude is easily swayed by negative people, and in a snap, you’re NEGATIVE TOO and not getting anything accomplished other than shuffling paper around.

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you want to reach your full potential..right? What’s your standard right now for a great productive day? Whatever it is for you, a high performer will take it up a notch. Not an extreme notch but just a little higher than how they’re currently performing.

But sometimes you lose your edge. You’re not consistent from day to day. So how do you continue to sustain high performance? How can you be consistent.

High performers do 3 things. Studies with athletes show there’s one thing that makes a difference. This one thing…it sounds too simple, but it makes all the difference in your sales, your performance, and your life.

That one thing begins with clarity…

To get more clarity you need to know the best of who you are. When asking athletes they know exactly who they are. They can define it and clarify it.                    

So here’s an exercise, stop right now, and write down 3 best ways to describe yourself, just 3 words. Sounds too simple right? But have you really thought about it? Your reaction time to this question will give you a clue if you really know.

You Must trigger that clarity within you…you must KNOW the best of who you are…everyday!

As a matter of fact, take your phone out right now…and type in the 3 words from the exercise above on the Notes App; the three words that describe the best of who you are. Screenshot that and now load it as your screensaver so all during the day you’ll see the three words and remind yourself of who you are!

#2 Clarity-Interactions with others

High Performers are intentional about their interactions with others. What do I mean? If you’re going on a sales call, or perhaps you have a date night with your husband or wife, maybe you’re meeting with your team….do you decide before that interaction how you want to show up? What’s the outcome you intend? High Performers consider how the interaction will look for them and the other person.

So before your next interaction, take some time to really reflect on how you want to interact and what outcome you’re seeking.

#3 What does your success look like?

Look back at a past success. What did you do to be successful? Did you study your competition to know your edge before the sales call. Did you research the company you’re about to meet with? Did you practice your sales script over and over before you picked up that phone to cold call?

High performers have clarity in what succeeds, and they repeat it over and over.

I can’t stress enough, that high performers and athletes practice the basics. They have complete clarity about who they are, what they want for an outcome and then drive all their intentions to win.

That my friends is how The Patriots won the Super Bowl from what seemed to be a sure loss.

Now I’d love to hear from you. What did you think of the game?

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