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What Separates Average Salespeople from Top Salespeople?

Here’s what the Top Salespeople do brilliantly…

Have you examined your sales life? I mean really put it under a microscope and looked at every minute of your sales day?

Most people I coach tell me no they’ve never done that. I bet you haven’t either.

What Separates Average Salespeople from the Top Salespeople?

Here are 3 tips

Tip #1 The “To Do List”

How many of you still use a Franklin? Remember the calendar system that took the business world by storm back in the late 80’s early ’90’s.

The Franklin system taught to prioritize your To Do List. Whatever didn’t get done today, move it up the priority list tomorrow.

Here’s the rub.

Top Salespeople don’t live and die by a To Do List. They live and die by something much more productive.


A To Do List is a set of tasks. Tasks don’t produce sales. Yet, I find so many salespeople buried in tasks and committed to their To Do List. And these salespeople are just average in selling and consistently not meeting their sales goals.

Here’s the difference….

Top Salespeople are actively out from behind their laptops meeting people, conducting meetings, networking, mining referrals, and on the phone setting up their next week! They don’t care about a list of tasks. Their entire focus is on activities that produce sales. Every minute of their day is planned and executed with a selling purpose only! They have a disciplined routine that repeats itself day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year!

And their “designed” routine is disciplined to keep them moving forward!

Here’s the Mindset of a Top Salesperson.

“What can I close today”

“Who can introduce me to…”

“I need ____more sales this month.”

“Where do I need to go to meet…”

“What current customers can benefit from buying____product?”

“I need ___appointments scheduled each day.”

“My closing ratio is___. How can I increase it?”

“Who do I need to follow up with today?”

There’s a lot of “I’s” in these questions right? Yet, we’ve been taught it’s not about “me, myself and I” it’s all about the buyer.

Here’s what the Top Salespeople do brilliantly…read Tip #2

Tip #2 Translate the “I” into “YOU, the Buyer”

Top Salespeople know how to turn what they need into what’s right for the buyer.

Have you ever noticed when you start to get desperate for sales, something happens within you…you come across desperate to the buyer? It’s as if the buyer can smell your desperation!

Top Salespeople make sure the desperation never hits again. They’ve been the ‘average salesperson’ who needed to make a sale. Top Salespeople have been the rookie salesperson just embarking on the journey of selling. Also, they’ve learned through failing over and over again and have mastered how to translate the “I” into making it about the buyer.

Here’s how…

  • They don’t try to sell to all their prospects. They look for a win/win. Qualifying the prospect is essential to them.
  • They WILL and DO walk away from sales even if the prospect qualifies as their target market. It could be the prospect is not a good fit for the Top Salesperson.
  • For the right prospect, the Top Salesperson becomes devoted as a high priority to the prospect. The prospect buys because the buyer wants the business relationship with the Top Salesperson. They become “valuable” to the buyer’s business.

Tip#3 Top Salespeople Self-Actualize

There’s no illusion. They don’t tell themselves stories about being so busy. They are living in the real world, not behind screens, and social hope selling. Nor are they following trends of #hustle or other such nonsense. They manifest their own success by creating their own leads, developing their own relationships and meticulously executing the basics of selling. Their focus is not on trends, because they know trends come and go.

While the world may be saying cold calling is dead, AI is the new way to sell, the Top Salespeople are giddy with delight because they know the secret the world ignores…their leads are generated through referral based selling. 

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