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Who calls sales shots?

Who Calls Sales Shots? You or the Prospect? Learn the right answer below.

Who Calls Sales Shots? 

For many, calling the sales shots may be a difficult matter. It’s challenging to be assertive. It’s a real struggle against the message of telling the buyer what he wants to hear vs. what he needs to hear. I say message because most discussions have some sort of agenda message, for both the buyer and the seller. If you don’t take control of the sales call, the prospect will! Remember, whoever has the agenda wins.

Selling is like telling a story. The cold call is the beginning, the appointment is the middle and the best part, helping the buyer move forward is the happily ever after ending of the story with the sequel soon to follow by serving the new client.

However, a sales professional should consider a few things about who actually calls the sales shots.

Personal Story

One morning years ago, before the thought of sales coaching, training and writing entered my mind, I sat down at my desk to compose an email to a prospect.

I had no idea what I was doing, but you would have thought I composed hundreds of prospecting emails. The words poured out of me. The problem was…too many words poured out of me!

And to make matters worse, I left the control in the hands of the prospect to call the shots. My last sentence read

“If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call.”

Proudly, I hit the send icon and my first email blast was launched.

Then..I waited and waited and waited for a reply. 100 email addresses were on that very first historical email launch and


No one replied.

Has this happened to you? I bet it has. Have you made the mistake of ending your emails with “If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call.”?


You do! When you call the sales shots:

  • There’s no waiting or crickets chirping.
  • Don’t hand over the control of the sale to the prospect.
  • You decide when the follow-up call will occur.
  • You’re doing the prospect a favor, because he doesn’t have to do a thing. You do all the work.

No longer do I send cold, impersonal, “all about me and what I sell” email blasts. I learned my lesson years ago.

Below are the strategies I continue to use today:

  • First, call to introduce yourself properly and don’t send another impersonal prospecting email.
  • When you get voice mail, don’t hang up. Be prepared to leave a short, concise voice message and be sure and set the stage by saying when you’ll call back. After introducing yourself in the voice message, say

“It appears you’re busy. I’ll give you a call back on Friday at 11:00 am. Hopefully, that will fit into your schedule to take my call.”

  • Friday morning at 8:00 am, send a short email reminder that you’ll be calling at 11:00 am.
  • At 11:00 am be sure to make that follow up call and follow through!

When you take control of the prospecting process, you’ll eliminate the frustration of “waiting and wondering” IF the prospect will answer your email or return your call.

You call the sales shots!

I’d love to hear from you now! What strategies can you pass on to help others in the community. Leave your comments below or if this article has helped you, please share it! 

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