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Here's why I use sales scripts


Here’s Why I use Sales Scripts

Sales scripts seem to be as controversial as whether cold calling is dead or alive. The two walk hand and hand.

Do I cold call? Absolutely, and I’m good at it. This isn’t a brag. It’s a statement, because the ones whining about cold calling being dead are those who are lousy at it.

Whether it’s cold calling, coaching, leaving a voice message, sales training, you name it…I use a script.

It’s not a script loosely written. It’s a script handcrafted meticulously word for word. My scripts are painstakingly written for a specific outcome with a specific intonation.


In my earlier days in selling, too many times I was at a loss for words. Some that know me may find that hard to believe!

I resisted scripts, just like you. I told myself the story that I need to be authentic, real, and in the moment. Which sadly, for my prospects and clients, looked like me sitting there rambling and product dumping…but hey I was real!

To be authentic meant you could just wing it on a sales call, because that showed you could relate, be flexible and think on your feet. Impressive? Not in the least.

Here’s Why I  Use Sales Scripts

So I would stop wasting my prospects and clients time!

Whether I have a scheduled appointment, or cold calling a prospect, the truth is I’m interrupting their busy day. So my goal is to make it worthwhile for both of us. I stopped winging it with a rambling voice message, or wasting time in a face to face appointment.

Too many times in the past, I lost sales because I didn’t know when to stop talking. Scripts fixed that.

Now when sitting in front of a client, I have my portfolio opened with paper on one side to take notes, and my script on the other side to keep me on track. And it works like a charm. I’m still spontaneous, but I’m much more concise and to the point.

Now, when cold calling over the phone, I have various scripts in front me as I’m leading the conversation. I prepare well crafted scripts to follow, depending on the various responses received from the prospect.

I never just leave a voice message. My messages now are a crafted thought out short voice message based on the outcome I want.

Here’s the unintended consequence of crafting scripts. It caused me to really think through the sales process. It allowed me to open up and place myself on the side of the prospect. How would he respond to this portion of the script? What objections could he give me?

To every question that came to mind, I developed an answer in a script.

This is how I prepare for every sales interaction. No more winging it for me and my success is the proof. My sales conversations are no longer a ramble, but a well thought out plan in the form of a script.


And here’s the real key. Before I use a script, it’s practiced and recorded 100 times. Why? In order to make it seamless and not sound like someone reading a script. I’ve practiced it so many times, I could recite it in my sleep.

Now it’s your turn….what key points can you give that help you? Would you like to be better at cold calling or do you crush it? I’d love to know! 

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